Why The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Is The Perfect Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is probably the most famous ergonomic chair in history. It definitely is the only office chair to be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art. Getting a lot of attention for its innovative design, the Aeron chair is highly coveted by office workers from all over the globe.

Is the Herman Miller Aeron chair right for you? This article will tell you a bit about what makes this chair so special and give you some of the benefits and downsides of owning this unique office chair.

What Makes the Herman Miller Aeron Chair So Special?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

According to Herman Miller’s website, the Aeron chair accommodates both the sitter and the environment. What this means is that Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the designers, created a chair that adjusts to almost every type of user and office environment. This happens because of Chadwick and Stumpf’s innovative PostureFit® design. The design adjusts to the user’s natural pelvic movements, which makes for better posture in the chair.

The PostureFit® design is only one of the many things that set the Aeron apart from other ergonomic chairs on the market. Created to provide the ultimate sitting experience, the user’s natural pelvic movements are supported, keeping the user’s spine in proper alignment and preventing painful back issues.

The other great design elements of the Aeron chair include:

  • Contoured back that takes unnecessary pressure off your spine.

  • Armrests that slope downward for additional comfort

  • Waterfall seat edge that keeps pressure off your thighs and lets your blood circulate

  • Kinemat® tilt mechanism that allows the user’s hips, ankles, knees, neck and shoulders to pivot in a natural manner.

One first for the Aeron chair that’s a bit quirky is that it was the first ergonomic chair that did away with padding. This was done because the designers felt that the Aeron’s contours should mold to your shape and take away the pressure points and heat that are often a part of the experience of sitting in a chair for hours on end five days a week.

Chadwick and Stumpf created the Pellicle, their patented seat and back material made specifically for the Aeron chair, so that the Aeron would conform to the shape of the user’s body and evenly spread pressure all across your body as opposed to a few select spots. The Pellicle material was also designed to keep the user’s body cool, even after hours of sitting.

One other detail that puts the Aeron chair above others is its green construction. Two thirds of the Aeron’s materials are made of recycled materials and over 94% of the chair itself is recyclable. Awarded many environmentally friendly certifications, the Aeron is a great chair for either you or the green warrior in your life.

What Other People Are Saying About the Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Most users have nothing but good things to say about the Aeron chair. Among the praiseworthy qualities (according to the reviewers) are the high levels of adjustability, its ability to conform to different body types and the excellent back support that the Aeron provides.

However, some reviewers have said that the seat pan can be a bit big, which can cause undue pressure in the back of the knees for shorter people. This can be remedied by selecting the right size chair for your height and weight. (The Aeron comes in three sizes: A, B and C for the largest users).

While the Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most famous office chairs on the market, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect office chair for everybody. If you’re thinking of purchasing an Aeron chair, you might want to visit an office supply store and try them out in person. The Aeron office chair is quite the investment, so you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a chair that you find unbearable.