Tritton TRIAX-720 AX 720 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset Review

Whether it’s watching TV or playing games, the Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset is ones you should consider buying if you are looking for the best headset that can really improve the enjoyment time.

This surround sound headset is equipped with good features and technologies that will definitely increase the users’ satisfaction and also mood. Not all of you know the great quality this Tritton TRIAX-720 AX 720 headset offers. It’s not a regular headset but it’s a special 5.1 surround sound headset which is designed to increase and improve the sound quality when the users are watching their favorite programs or when you’re playing.

The overall design is not bad either. With white cover as the basic outer package, this device is certainly a great bargain. Not many you understand that a great headset will really improve their entertainment moment. But wait until you’re able to get their hands on this Tritton AX 720 and try its performance on their own.

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This particular Tritton AX 720 headset is very complete. It’s equipped with good technologies that won’t disappoint anyone, such as:

  • Circumaural design with Removable And Replaceable Ear Pads and Headrail Pad for ultimate comfort

  • This device is supported by 5.1 Surround Sound technology from Dolby which is completely good and well developed.

  • It has inline controller as well as two line radio communications.

  • This device has been optimized for Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • It has microphone mute and also independent volume chatting control.

  • This AX 720 also has optical digital input for better sound quality.

  • Detachable microphone with Xbox LIVE chat and PlayStation Network chat compatibility

Tritton AX 720 Review

Most users say that this Tritton AX 720 is a great device. It’s very comfortable to wear. Despite the big and rather heavy weight, it doesn’t cause any fatigue on the neck, back, or head at all. So, it’s very well built and it really surrounds the entire ear.

This type of headset is often used by gaming fans and lovers because it does provide good sound quality that will enhance their enjoyment. If you have this particular Tritton AX 720 headset, you will never look at other headsets the same way anymore.

However, there’re several flaws you find out about the device. First of all, it’s not wireless, which is not a very big deal, though. However, some users think it would be better if the company can come with wireless design which will improve usage and comfort. But since the device has pretty long cable which is also easy to control, it’s not such a big issue.

Second, the padding easily falls off, so users have to stretch the device whenever you want to use or remove the headset. So fair, it’s not a really troublesome matter, but it would be better if the company can do something about it. Aside from those flaws, the quality of the device is very good. The headset is very nice and comfy when worn and the overall design is very good.

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The sound quality isn’t disappointing either. So, if you want to get a good bargain out of their headset, you should purchase this Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset.