Precautions To Take For The Use Of Tens Units Electrodes Pads

Tens Unit Electrodes

Agreed that the Tens units electrodes pads are a blessing for those suffering from chronic pains in different parts of their body. However, Tens units electrodes pads are not a commodity that you will get over the counter. It can turn out to be a sweet poison if used without knowledge or professional supervision. Using these pads has their own dos and don’ts. Before starting off, it is advisable to know a few things.

Tens Unit Electrodes

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Do not use the device on bruised skins. Tens units electrodes pads are not for broken or split skin.

Do not use Tens units electrodes pads for long hours at a stretch. In fact, a moderate use should not exceed 25 minutes.

TENS Electrodes should never come into contact directly with the eyes as eyes are the most sensitive part of one’s body. Do not place it even near the eyes. It is enough to damage your eye for good.

These TENS unit electrodes pads are of external use only. Obviously, you are not expected to put in inside your mouth for mouth ailments, or in the case of a suffering from dental diseases.

Tens units electrodes may harm your skin when used in the numb state. So, avoid it.

A big velocity of Tens units electrodes attacking you suddenly is a big no-no. Therefore, do not over stimulate. Otherwise, it may take a U turn and worsen the pain much more.

You can use the Tens pads as directed by the physician or a physical therapist is more preferable.

The positioning of the electrodes finally determines which part of the body is to be stimulated. Therefore, the positioning of the Tens units electrodes pads is that more important.

It may sound childish, but take care to see that the battery powered Tens unit is in the correct working order. As this is an electronic device, its non-operating state can give different results.

Using the Tens units electrodes is a drug free analgesic technique. However, its wrong use can damage your skin or your nervous system too. Therefore, what settings you have used is of prime importance.

Finally, a couple of important directives. Firstly, Tens electrodes should not be used for people who use artificial cardiac pacemaker. Secondly, people suffering from epilepsy are also advised to use them with the highest possible degree of caution.