Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Manufacturer Details

Now you can have the virtues of refractor-sharp images without needing to get into your piggy bank. Our exceptional AstroView 90 provides huge returns for a little financial investment! This is a powerful refractor including a multi-coated 90mm unbiased lens of 910mm focal length (f/10) housed in an enameled aluminum tube. You will not have any problem gathering enough light for bright, crisp views of deep-sky items, the Moon, and worlds. Even much better, we have actually upgraded the AstroView 90 bundle with 2 Sirius Plossl eyepieces (25mm and 10mm)! The AstroView 90 comes geared up with a 6×30 finder, 90Â ° star diagonal, adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray, and an EQ-2 equatorial mount with sluggish movement controls for manual monitoring. One-year minimal warranty.

Orion’s AstroView 90 equatorial refractor telescope is a classic Achromatic refractor with excellent optics and an uncommonly excellent accessory bundle. Larger and more remarkable than it searches in images, the AstroView 90 is an adult size telescope that stands almost five feet high and weighs practically 25 pounds. With totally illustrated instructions the telescope is simple to put together, and the bundle includes 2 Sirius Plossl eyepieces, a 6×30 optical finder scope, and Orion’s Starry Night planetarium software application for your computer system.Refractors are known for their crisp, high contrast views of the Moon and worlds and the AstroView 90 delivers sharp views right from the box. The low power 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (36X magnification) nicely frames the moon, while the high power 10mm eyepiece (91X magnification) delivers a crisp close up image full of detail. The sharp Achromatic optics of the AstroView 90 EQ also give me wonderful views of deep space items. On a moonless night I like the way the 25mm eyepiece frames the ghostly radiance of the Orion Nebula. Zooming in with the 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece, I can quickly pick out all 4 stars of the Orion Nebula’s embedded quadruple star the Trapezium. Another night I made use of an Ultima 2X Barlow with the 10mm plossl eyepiece for a total magnification of 182X while viewing the planet Jupiter. I was rewarded with a clear view of Jupiter’s famous Great Red Area.

The Equatorial mount included with the AstroView 90 EQ is developed to assist track stars and worlds at high power. When I set up the telescope, I just point the polar axis at Polaris, the North Star. This makes it simple to keep celestial items in the field of view by turning one sluggish movement knob. Orion also provides the EQ-2M Electronic Telescope Drive which features a battery powered motor for automatic monitoring. The EQ-2 equatorial mount is a little shaky when the legs are totally extended, however that’s typical for any big telescope in this rate range.

With excellent optics, classic design, and a great accessory bundle, Orion’s AstroView 90 Equatorial Refractor is an excellent intro to the world of Astronomy.–Jeff Phillips


  • Classic refractor design
  • Crisp clear views of the Moon and worlds
  • 2 Sirius Plossl eyepieces and 6×30 finder
  • Starry Night planetarium software application included


  • Equatorial mount wobbles a bit while focusing
First quarter Moon shot at 36x with Powershot camera
First quarter Moon contended 36x with Powershot cam
First quarter Moon shot at 90X with Powershot camera.
First quarter Moon contended 90X with Powershot cam.
Crater Ptolemeaus shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.
Crater Ptolemeaus contended 350X with NexImage cam and Ultima barlow.
Planet Jupter shot at 350X with NexImage camera and Ultima barlow.
Planet Jupter chance at 350X with NexImage cam and Ultima barlow.

Key Features

A powerful, high-quality refractor telescope at a jaw-dropping low price 90mm (3.5″) aperture and 910mm focal length for crisp views of deep-sky objects, the Moon, and planets Included EQ-2 adjustable tripod and equatorial mount for manual slow-motion celestial tracking Includes two Sirius Plossl 1.25″ eyepieces (25mm and 10mm), 6×30 finder scope, smooth-adjusting 1.25″ rack & pinion focuser, 90-degree mirror diagonal for comfortable nighttime performance, Starry Night astronomy software, and more Can also be used for pleasing daytime terrestrial viewing with a correct-image diagonal (correct-image diagonal sold separately)