LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Weed Eater Review

LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Weed Eater/Trimmer Review:

This Lehr Weed Eater – dubbed the Eco Trimmer – uses propane to power a four-stroke engine that can keep trimming a garden for up to two hours without refueling.

The Eco Trimmer runs on clean non-toxic propane which will not contaminate ground water or the soil in case of a spill and emits a reduced amount of pollutants compared to that from gasoline-powered products. Propane also does not contain any ozone-depleting hydrocarbons or evaporative emissions, and releases fewer particulates and carcinogens than traditional fuel. Additionally, it is significantly cheaper to buy propane than to fill up the tank with gasoline, propane canisters are available at many stores where lawn and garden products are available.

The manufacturer claims that using and maintaining the Eco Trimmer weed eater can be easy. Refueling is a cinch – just snap on a propane canister and the weed eater is ready to go. With propane as the fuel there is no more need to mess around with gas and oil nor is there any more need for choking or priming to start the weed eater’s motor. Also, the use of propane removes the need for gas-powered motor related chores like winterizing, clearing carburetor gum-up, and choking. The engine starts faster than with gas so the weed eater is ready to trim out unwanted plants within moments of starting it up.

The Pros
EPA Air Excellence Award Winner
2 hour run time on 1 canister
Plenty of power

The Cons
Fairly heavy
The manual leaves out important user instructions
Very finicky to deal with

The LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Trimmer is best suited for:
Mechanically minded people
Eco warriors
This is not for the average person, there is a lot of tinkering required to keep this working

LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Weed Eater/Trimmer Features:
Easy to use Twist ‘n Go Fueling system
2 Hours run time on a single canister
No messy mixing of gas and oil
No winterizing
EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Winner

Here is a review by “K.Hill”

Bought this trimmer through Amazon in June 2010. I have over one acre of land with 30 trees and bushes and garden boxes, too. I have used this trimmer several times now, and I love it! I was grateful for previous reviews that cautioned about adding the oil into the engine. I also learned that the machine does not like being tipped very far from its normal upright angle, otherwise oil does leak out.

I did notice an odor of hot plastic the first few times I used it, but I think that was break-in odors combined with the smell of the propane exhaust.

If you are a commercial landscaper you may not want this since it is not quite as powerful as the 2-stroke varieties, but I am so grateful to not have to mix gas and oil anymore nor do I have to worry about emptying the gas tank after every use for fear of destroying the 2-stroke engine. My son and daughter even commented on how it is quieter than our old 2-stroke trimmers were……………………………………