Lazer O2 Road Bike Helmet Review

The O2 is one of the latest releases from Lazer, designed with the help of Quick Step road and Fidea cyclocross teams; it possesses an unmistakable style. The O2’s simple, yet sleek style guarantees that it is unlike any other helmet design on the market today.

More impressive than the helmets style is the internal design of this revolutionary helmet. The O2 features an internal stress cage which absorbs the stress on impact. This internal stress cage has been created using high impact plastic and creates the important protective element of this helmet.

The helmet offers riders a fantastic airflow system, with a staggering 24 advantageously placed vents. Each of these 24 vents ensures that cool air can easily enter the helmet, whilst also allowing heat to escape. While the CoolMax pads further enhance the cooling system of this helmet, while also providing rides with additional padding for comfort. This airflow system is one of the best available and is guaranteed to keep every cyclist cool in all conditions, while also remaining structurally strong and durable.

The Lazer O2 is only available in one size; however, the helmet is fitted with the pioneering Rollsys system. The Rollsys system, unique to Lazer helmets, is a remarkable mechanism that completely surrounds a rider’s head circumference; this system clinches the back of a riders head, pushing it forward to the front of the helmet until it feels secure. This one hand system is easy to adjust whilst riding; the Rollsys system guarantees that riders can obtain an accurate and more comfortable fit.

With 8 different colour schemes and weighing 310 grams, this carefully constructed helmet offers riders a level of comfort never felt before, a unique design and a great amount of ventilation. The only disadvantage of this helmet is that it is only available in one size, which can be slight frustrating for riders with larger heads. Nevertheless, the Lazer O2 remains a fantastic bluetooth helmet, illustrated by the fact it has been awarded the coveted Golden Award from the Eurobike show, making the O2 the perfect example of why Lazer is one of the most trusted helmet manufacturers today.