Intex77 Hot Tub Review

Spoil yourself in unwinding warmed water encompassed by alleviating air pocket planes. The spa gives unwinding at a touch of the secure for to four individuals. The simple to-utilize control board initiates the 120 high-controlled air pocket planes encompassing the inside of a spa for a reviving back rub. The Construction through fiber technology and the cut safe 3-utilize covered material give a definitive solace, backing and toughness.


The spa gives a definitive involvement in spa unwinding. The simple to-utilize control board enacts the Bubble Jets to perform high, encompassing the inside of a spa for an invigorating back rub. Open for the seating of up to 4 individuals.

Protected Covered With Insulator

A superb hot tub, protecting spread could offer for itself in as meager as six months? Such spreads, intended for quality, solidness and life span are developed of the materials accessible which are fine. The internal center of the hot tub spreads isabout the 1.5 pound thickness, metal fortified EPS froth , decreased from the 4 inches to the 2 inches  to permit amassed water to effectively run off. The internal center of the hot tub spreads isabout the 1 pound thickness. The hot tub spread has a protecting component in over abundance. Likewise accessible is the hot tub spread for spas in excess of the 96 inches, up to the 108 inches long.

Numerous more established, and some shoddy spreads are made of the a level froth (or froth with less decrease) which has a tendency to permit water to puddle, causing the spread to list, permitting water to get paddled, in the long run breaking the spread.

Froth thickness alludes to a weight of the cubic foot of froth.. It has brilliant quality and protecting capacity, yet is sufficiently light to move start and stop your spa. Fewer densities are NOT instructed for a spread with respect to this thickness because of its absence of quality. It gives just about half more protection esteem over the 4 incheshot tub spread, is durable, stillis a same weight. The higher froth densities have extra quality, however, just somewhat all the more protecting capacity. One of the numerous choices we offer is moving up to a higher thickness froth, if extra quality is required. Ideal for zones of substantial snow, unruly youngsters and huge canines.

The froth is covered with a 6 inch polyethylene covering that is hotness fixed to counteract water ingestion. Numerous less expensive spread producers tape the poly sheeting shut to spare expense.

The external covering is a guaranteed overwhelming obligation marine evaluation vinyl, which is profoundly buildup and UV safe. It was at first created as a canopy material for the drifting business. It’s accessible in your decision of distinctive colors which won’t buildup or spoil out like some less expensive spreads. There’s even fortified handles for simple expulsion from the hot tub and the 4 straps so one could secure the spread to the hot tub.

Simple support

The hot tub polymer evading has the look of genuine wood, however is basically upkeep free. It emphasizes credible wood grain designs for the cool look. What’s more, it’s not difficult to keep up with a material and arrangement hose. This evading is so tough it accompanies a warranty of a life time.

Additional Seating Limit

Effortlessly 4 persons can utilize this spa at once.

Pros and Cons


  • Great seating capacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and Secure.


  • Occupy large space.

Customer Review

The product has been given 4.1 out of 5 stars.


The intex 77 is safe and secure with a large capacity of seating, therefore, the product is recommended to the customers