How To Use A String Trimmer Properly

The string trimmer is a garden power tool that is used for edging and trimming grass. It is available in electric corded, gas and rechargeable battery cordless versions. One of the important things that you need to remember is that it is a powerful tool and you need to use it properly to prevent any kind of injury and to ensure that it works efficiently.

Before you start using it, check the weather. If the grass is wet or it is raining, it is advisable to defer the trimming to another day. Operating the tool in wet weather is a bad idea. When you operate the trimmer in wet grass, it will not work to its full capacity and can get damaged easily.

  • Safety Gear

Before you start using the garden tool, it is important that you protect your eyes and face against any kind of flying debris and dirt. Protective clothing and shoes can give you an extra layer of protection and ensure that you don’t get hurt when you use the trimmer.

Check the ground before you start using the trimmer for bits of glass, pebbles or pieces of metal. These objects can get caught in the line and fly in multiple directions. They can also cause damage to the trimmer.

  • Adjust the Height

Line trimmers are available with shoulder harness, so that you are able to support their weight and keep them at a safe distance away from your body. Trimmers are also available with adjustable handles. Depending on the model you choose, you need to adjust the height, so that you are able to use them properly.

  • Trimming Speed

Set the speed just high enough to cut the grass or plants you plan to trim. If you choose to run it fast, the line may not last long and you will have to cope with more noise and vibration. Full throttle is not required for most trimming jobs. If you are cutting woody brush you may require full throttle.

  • Use Right Trimmer Line

The trimmer head needs to be refilled with the right type of cutting line that has been specified in the owner’s manual. If the line is too thin or thick, it will not pass properly through the ports in the trimmer head.

Experiment with different types of lines to get the best results. Round lines last longest and are easier to load in a trimmer spool. The four-sided (square) and five sided (star) lines do a better job slicing through thick and tall grass.

  • Work in Right Direction

Line trimmers spin counter clockwise and you will be able to trim properly if you sweep the trimmer head from right to left. It is advisable to check the owner’s manual to gain knowledge about the right direction. You can also choose to watch the trimmer head in slow speed to determine the direction in which you need to operate the tool.

  • Trim Grass from Top to Bottom

When cutting high grass or weeds, it is best to use short strokes, so that you are able to cut the top of the grass and then work towards the bottom. Avoid cutting the tall grass and thick weeds in just one smooth motion from the bottom.

  • Blade Attachment for Heavy Trimming

Switch the trimmer line with a metal weed blade attachment, so that you are able to cut thick grass and heavy weed in an effortless manner. Keep the blade sharp and use it at full throttle to get the best results.

After using the string trimmer, you need to clean it up and store it properly, so that it works efficiently each time you choose to use it.