Homax 211 Gallons Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa with Accessories

To get more customers Homax always have new innovation in better system and fashionable design of hot tub spa with affordable price. It looks Homax understands so well about the need of having a spa and massage for many people by any background. It is because anyone deserves to have a better day and relaxing moment to release all stress and enjoy the spa massage. Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub can be the good product to meet both comfort and relax.

Details & Features:

  • Model: PH050017

  • One-touch install

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Easy to carry

  • Diameter:180 cm

  • Height:65 cm

  • Accessories: Zipped thermal cover, Digital cover lock, SPA Cartridge x 2, Instruction manual, Connecting pipe x 1 for inflation, Repair kit, PVC Ground mat x 1(black)

  • Additional Accessories: Water Test strips 1 bottle(50pcs), SPA Cartridge x 1

  • Premium Laminated PVC

  • Seating capacity: 4 people

  • Water Capacity: 211 Gal

  • Air Bubble Jets: 130

  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2

  • Water temperature range: 68 Degree – 104 Degree

Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub spa is made and designed in single touch of installation where installing hot tub is never easier than this one. You don’t need to take a time for installing and preparing the hot tub for spa and massage. It is completed with easy to use control panel that ease you in controlling the water temperature, air bubble jet and more. And it can be folded and carry with the bag that you will receive after purchasing to store in the storage or for travel.

Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable spa has diameter by 180 cm and for the height is 65 cm. If you purchase now, you will also receive a bundle of accessories such as PVC Ground mat x 1(black), Repair kit, Connecting pipe x 1 for inflation, Instruction manual, SPA Cartridge x 2, Digital cover lock and Zipped thermal cover. And also additional items like SPA Cartridge x 1 and Water Test strips 1 bottle (50pcs).

This Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub spa is laminated with premium synthetic leather. It holds up for 4 people. Water capacity is 211 gallons and air bubble jet is 130. The built in heater is 675 W X 2. It has the power with 0.9 HP X 2. This is good product to have. Many people have purchased and feel the relaxing hot tub even after months. You need to have it too.