Counter-top Dishwasher advantages


Countertop-DishwasherA  counter-top dishwasher is at the top of the list when you mention small dishwashers. They are about the same size as a microwave. So if you need a dishwasher that would fit almost anywhere in your kitchen then a counter-top dishwasher is your best option.

they’re also great if you only need to wash a few dishes at a time. Most counter-top dishwasher capacity rang between 4-6 plates at a time. You will be amazed about how equipped these dishwashers are. They carry all the same features larger dishwashers have.  A dishwasher that is usually 17 inches tall and only use 2 gallons of water per load, I can not see where you would go wrong purchasing one.


Overall they’re  slight differences between a counter-top dishwasher and a large size dishwasher. First they retrieve its water from the sinks. You just have to attach a tube to your kitchen sink faucet  that runs to the back of the dishwasher. There is also a drain hose, so when the cycle is finish the water will drain back in the sink. Some even are equipped with a water heater to warm up the water. If the model you purchase do not have one usually you can control the water temperature from the faucet.


Counter-top dishwasher

Most are housed with a quick install technology. which save time for installation and removal. Read the owners manual for more information.

Cutlery Basket

Counter-top dishwasher

They are equipped with a basket that holds your forks, spoons, knives, and other utensils. Just make sure you don’t pack to many utensils in the basket, because just like any dishwasher some utensils can’t slide through the holes and stop the spray arm from spinning.

Dish Capacity

Majority of counter-top dishwasher hold between 4-6 dishes. So if you wash a few dishes a day I believe this would be perfect for that, however each models varies so make sure you read the manual.

Are there set wash cycles?

The myth of a counter-top dishwasher only having select cycles is not true. They come equipped with just as many cycles as a regular size dishwasher. If you were wondering if they had the power to remove tough stains, well they do. The cycles that is usually include is light, normal, heavy, glass, and a speed wash.

Do I have to put a Counter-top Dishwasher on the counter?

No despite the name they can be used anywhere you feel fit. I know some kitchen lacks space on the counter. Counter top dishwasher are versatile, so they can be placed in a cabinet or even under the sink.


Counter-top dishwashers can easily be maintained. Just make sure you do not put to many dishes an utensils in at once. In doing can prevent the spray arm from functioning properly. Also clean any left over food from the tray before washes. Ultimately you should have longevity out of your counter-top dishwasher if maintained correctly.


I believe that the best counter-top dishwashers are perfect for apartments, kitchens with limited space, and for RV and boats. They will provide all you need just like a full size dishwasher would. Factor in the affordable price and consumption of electricity and water I believe this is will be a perfect for your kitchen.