How to Move a Hot Tub Yourself – Complete Instructions and Costs

Hot tubs can be moved by either experienced movers (which is the recommended approach to move those massive fun spa). However, if you prefer to cut cost or just have the workforce and available resources to successfully move your hot tub, then you can opt to move it yourself.

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Please note that moving your hot tub yourself can be dangerous as these household “Jacuzzi” weigh heftily and one wrong move might not only destroy your home but also leave you severely injured.

For typical never say die ‘DIYers,’ you can move your hot tub yourself by following these instructions.



Complete moving instructions and costs

  • Use proper moving equipment: Any activity you want to undertake yourself, there is need always to have the proper gears and equipment. For hot tub moving you should have your tow straps, dollies 9furniture dolly and appliance dolly), 4×4 kinds of wood and of course extra help.
  • Clear paths: You don’t want to be carrying a heavy hot tub on a pathway filled with obstacles. Clear the area and clean up any wet areas and widen the area.
  • Disconnect from power source: You aren’t carrying a connected hot tub, are you? So disconnect from the power source and safely tuck in all wires and cords.
  • Drain the tub and dry off: Following your hot tub’s manufacturer guideline, drain the hot tub. Please abide by the stipulated regulation of your local community for discarding large quantities of water. Once drained, dry off with towel or pieces of cloth and get ready to move.
  • Lift the tub up with place wood for easy movement: You are going to need help to do this, that’s why you need three (3) or more strong hands to assist with the movement.
  • Use dollies: Depending on the route to your moving vehicle, you might have to use either furniture dollies or appliance dollies. If the route is a flat level ground, then two furniture dollies would sufficiently aid movement to the vehicle. Just place one in front and the other at the back of the hot tub, so it’s fully supported. Use tow straps to hold steady the heavy Jacuzzi.

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If however, you have steps on the route to the moving truck, then appliance dollies should be employed. Of course using appliance dolly is more hectic and dangerous as it requires the hot tub placed on its side. An uncalculated move could see your tub flying down the flight of stairs. Have extra hands help you slide the appliance dolly under the hot tub. Now fasten the portable spa securely to the dolly and cautiously move the equipment to the towing truck.

  • Packing up: Once at the vehicle, roll the dollies up the ramp and gently place the hot tub and the dollies inside the truck and cover them with moving blankets. Use ropes to tie the tub at both ends to the side of the truck to restrict movement while hauling.
  • Unpacking: The unpacking process is just the reverse of the packing process, so just use the dollies to bring down the hot tub from the truck and wheel it to its new spot. Have it placed in the correct spot it’s meant to stay and then connect all the cables and plug in back to a power source to begin operation

The cost you would incur while moving a hot tub yourself shouldn’t be much, you would only pay for such items like dollies if you don’t have one, the extra workforce if you don’t have friends or relatives available to assist you and of course the towing truck. You most definitely would save some bucks if you move your hot tub yourself instead of hiring specialty movers.