Precautions To Take For The Use Of Tens Units Electrodes Pads

Tens Unit Electrodes

Agreed that the Tens units electrodes pads are a blessing for those suffering from chronic pains in different parts of their body. However, Tens units electrodes pads are not a commodity that you will get over the counter. It can turn out to be a sweet poison if used without knowledge or professional supervision. Using these pads has their own dos and don’ts. Before starting off, it is advisable to know a few things.

Tens Unit Electrodes

“TENS 7000″ Digital TENS Unit Pain Relief Unit w/ 5 Modes with Carrying Case, Electrodes and BatteryTens Unit Electrodes

ESA Medical Premium 40 Electrodes of 2

Do not use the device on bruised skins. Tens units electrodes pads are not for broken or split skin.

Do not use Tens units electrodes pads for long hours at a stretch. In fact, a moderate use should not exceed 25 minutes.

TENS Electrodes should never come into contact directly with the eyes as eyes are the most sensitive part of one’s body. Do not place it even near the eyes. It is enough to damage your eye for good.

These TENS unit electrodes pads are of external use only. Obviously, you are not expected to put in inside your mouth for mouth ailments, or in the case of a suffering from dental diseases.

Tens units electrodes may harm your skin when used in the numb state. So, avoid it.

A big velocity of Tens units electrodes attacking you suddenly is a big no-no. Therefore, do not over stimulate. Otherwise, it may take a U turn and worsen the pain much more.

You can use the Tens pads as directed by the physician or a physical therapist is more preferable.

The positioning of the electrodes finally determines which part of the body is to be stimulated. Therefore, the positioning of the Tens units electrodes pads is that more important.

It may sound childish, but take care to see that the battery powered Tens unit is in the correct working order. As this is an electronic device, its non-operating state can give different results.

Using the Tens units electrodes is a drug free analgesic technique. However, its wrong use can damage your skin or your nervous system too. Therefore, what settings you have used is of prime importance.

Finally, a couple of important directives. Firstly, Tens electrodes should not be used for people who use artificial cardiac pacemaker. Secondly, people suffering from epilepsy are also advised to use them with the highest possible degree of caution.

Bluetooth Headset for Helmet – Buying Guide

Bluetooth Headset for Helmet

Bluetooth Headset for Helmet

Many motorcycle enthusiasts would like to enjoy the true meaning of riding down the road with only the wind and their thoughts keeping them company. For other riders, this solitude of long trips can be so much overwhelming. Bluetooth headset for helmet makes the trips easy for bikers to stay connected to fellow riders. Moreover, this helmet would make the riders safely ride the bike while communicating with others and without removing their helmet. Bluetooth technology is quickly substituting previous short range communication device. This new technology operates effectively, clearly, and with real safety. This technology can be included in your helmet as well.

Bluetooth Headset for Helmet

Bluetooth Technology for Your Helmet

Mostly, consumers want to wear Bluetooth headset for helmet for their ride. They either can buy a new helmet that has already this feature or installing one to their old helmet. Having a Bluetooth technology helps any bikers to stay connected in different ways. Not only you can listen to favorite MP3s, but you also can conduct clear and crisp conversation with other riders or passengers who are in range. What are the options? When it comes to buy this helmet, there will be 2 major possibilities. There are devices that are specifically designed for all types of helmet, and helmets that come with installed Bluetooth.

More about Bluetooth Headset for Helmet

Bluetooth headset for helmet is applied with recent Bluetooth component. It has the similar usage of regular Bluetooth that connects to mp3 players, laptop, game consoles, and GPS systems. The only prohibition is that you need to suit the range of this technology with the necessities. The range is limited though. Many Bluetooth devices have the feature of flexible boom microphones and can be installed in either open-face or flip-up helmets. There are also different types of microphone that has better compatibility for full-face helmets. Bluetooth doesn’t require batteries, though some of them use rechargeable batteries.

Bluetooth Headset for Helmet

Bikers can buy pre-installed Bluetooth headset for helmet from the market. It’s particularly designed to fulfill the set. However, this helmet is pricy, but commonly works well. There will be no difficulty of installation and no chance of dull appearance. Since this product is widely available on the market, there’ll be no fuss. First-time users would obtain the convenience to wear this helmet. Some products require careful installation. They’re prone to damages. If you have lovely old helmet, you can add Bluetooth feature in it. This will upgrade your old helmet into better function and quality.

Generally, the amount of signals and microwaves released by Bluetooth device is the same as regular cell phone. Bluetooth headset for helmet is installed on the outside part of the helmet. Therefore, it reduces the impact of the radiation to wearer’s head. There’s also a term, namely PAN (personal area network). The PAN of Bluetooth is relatively short and small in range. For better reception, the device should be within the proper range. Standard Bluetooth system has the range between 33 feet to more than 2300 feet. On of the most benefits of this technology will be GPS navigation setting. Well, in summary, Bluetooth can give significant improvement to your helmet so you must get it right now.

Embroidery in America

The history of embroidery in America would naturally begin with the advent of the Pilgrim Mothers, if one ignored the work of native Indians.

This, however, would be unfair to a primitive art, which accomplished, with perfect appropriateness to use a remarkable adaptation of circumstance and material, the ornamentation of personal apparel.

The porcupine quill embroidery of American Indian women is unique among the productions of primitive peoples, and some of the dresses, deerskin shirts, and moccasins with borders and flying designs in black, red, blue, and shining white quills, and edged with fringes hung with the teeth and claws of game, or with beautiful small shells, are as truly objects of art as are many things of the same decorative intent produced under the best conditions of civilization.

To create beauty with the very limited resources of skins, hair, teeth, and quills of animals, colored with the expressed juice of plants, was a problem very successfully solved by these dwellers in the wilderness,
and the results were practically and æsthetically valuable.

In the Smithsonian Institution at Washington, D. C., there has happily been preserved a most interesting collection of these early efforts.

The small deerskin shirts worn as outer garments by the little Sioux were perhaps among the most interesting and elaborate.
They are generally embroidered with dyed moose hair and split quills of birds in their natural colors, large split quills or flattened smaller quills used whole.

The work has an embossed effect which is very striking. A coat for an adult of Sioux workmanship, made of calfskin thicker and less pliant than the deerskin ordinarily used for garments, carries a broad band of quill embroidery, broken by whorls of the same, the center of each holding a highly decorated tassel made of narrow strips of deerskin, bound at intervals with split porcupine quills.

These ornamental tassels carry the idea of decoration below the bands, and have a changeable and living effect which is admirable. In a smaller shirt, the whole body is covered at irregular intervals with whorls of the finest porcupine quill work, edged by a border of interlaced black and white quills, finished with perforated shells.

Many of the designs are edged with narrow zigzag borders of the split quills in natural colors carefully matched and lapped in very exact fashion. There is one small shirt, made with a decorative border of tanned ermine skins in alternate squares of fur and beautifully colored quill embroidery, not one tint of which is out of harmony with the soft yellow of the deerskin body.

The edge of the shirt is finished in very civilized fashion, with ermine tails, each pendant, banded with blue quills, at alternating heights, making a shining zigzag of blue along the fringe. The simplicity of treatment and purity of color in this little garment were fascinating, and must have invested the small savage who wore it with the dignity of a prince.

The mother who evolved the scheme and manner of decoration carried her bit of genius in an uncivilized squaw body, but had none the less a true feeling for beauty, and in this mother task lifted the plane of  the art of her people to a higher level.

Buying Guide for String Trimmers

best weed eater

String whackers are also known as weed whackers or weed eaters. They are one of the most useful tools that use flexible monofilament line rather than blades to cut grass, weed and other plants to beautify the garden. A weed eater trimmer normally contains a cutting head present at one corner of the long shaft having a handle(s). Even, it sometimes consists of a shoulder strap.

They are also known as whipper snippers, line trimmers, weed whips, strimmers and hedge trimmers.

At times, string whackers are also named as weed cutters or weed whips due to the fact that they work on the principle of a line, which turns faster, needs to hold out from the rotating reel (its housing) stiffly through centrifugal force. You can get as much power as you want simply by making the reel to rotate faster.

Even, the round-portioned nylon line can easily cut slight, woody plants and grass. There are some monofilament lines which are particularly designed for powerful cutters as they have extruded shapes, just like star, that help them to slash the object being cut; therefore the line will be able to cute small shrubs or large woody plants or even ring bark them efficiently. The lines thus make disks less important to perform tough jobs.

So, in order to make the most of its amazing capabilities, you will have to know a number of things regarding the best weed eater that will help you choose an ideal piece. To do so, you have many options such as research through the market, internet and even from your friends or family members you are using any of the brands.

However, I felt comfortable to go with internet as it has all what everybody needs. It has complete market research, features’ analysis and previous customers’ reviews that are important to get successful in the task.

Here I would like to share a buying guide which I made according to the following features found normally in these trimmers:

  • Brand
  • Type of trimmer
  • Type of machine


Black & Decker is a reputed name of garden and electric lawn equipments that are especially famous for their zero emission properties to keep the environment safe from carbon footprints. Their power command option enable customers to switch between tackling tough jobs to boosting mode for more power along with the normal mode that works well in standard trimming whereas optimize the battery utility.

Tanaka is another famous and reliable brand to purchase a weed trimmer from. It is provided with a two stroke 23.9 cc engine that is capable to meet emission level without losing power, encountering maintenance headaches or adding weight.

Its steel drive shaft offers efficient and smooth power transfer through the engine to make cutting easy and faster. Its anti-vibration heavy duty system reduces fatigue and allows users to move freely in the way they want. It is an ideal tool for people who want to keep their surrounding safe along with having fast and efficient work.

It is the provider of lightweight trimmers which are not just comfortable in use but also allow users to trim plants in the way they want.

Poulan grass trimmers are particularly popular for two reasons. First one is that they only weight 12.5 pounds which is really easy and comfortable for the users to handle them. Its 33 cc engine is considered as the biggest one among all weed whackers you will find on the internet. Their string whackers are also compatible with different attachments such as edgers, blowers and hedge trimmers. So, it would suit all your requirements.

Toro trimmers have been in the market for a long time and are normally preferred by most of the users just because of their ability to convert into edgers simply through a button. Its assisting handle can be easily adjusted according to the users’ requirement for edging or trimming weeds comfortably.

The manufacturer has added a variable cutting system in every piece to make their products easy to understand and operate. Their spool replacement is easy and quick, just push the tabs present on their base and remove the spool with a new one.

Trimmers manufactured by Greenworks are capable to provide auto feed line, different head titling positions and power. Their trimmers work on electricity and therefore, are not harmful for the environment.

Trimmers by Husqvarna are reliable and robust tools having high performance and low weight. Some of them contain combination of different features where the shafts can be easily dismantled and users can easily replace trimmers’ heads with hedge trimmer or blower units.

Ryobi is another durable and trustworthy brand of trimmers that is capable to provide convenience in trimming and edging plants. Their products are durable, portable and can easily suit all types of your trimming requirements. You will find them easy to understand as their system is easy and can be operated even by a beginner.

This brand provides ease in operation and offer flexibility in performance. Their trimmers are provided with sharp and hard blades that can even work well on a bit hard weeds or bushes. Some of their models are corded whereas, some are cordless so it is your choice which model to choose.

WORX trimmers are cordless gardening tools that are provided with lithium ion batteries to operate according to the needs of their users. This brand has proved to be an ideal for most of the users as they offer portability and maximize convenience.

Their features are easy to understand that even a beginner can learn to operate them. The biggest benefit is present in the form of adjustable telescopic shaft that can make itself according to the posture and height needs of the users.

Type of trimmer

1.Plug in

Electric trimmers do not use oil or gas as they run with electricity. They normally do not have power equal to those of their gas counterparts. However, they are ideal for lawns and small yards. They are durable and can compliment all of your requirements.

2.Battery powered trimmers

These types of trimmers are provided with gas engine muscles that work well in any situation. These trimmers are environmentally friendly as they do not produce any pollution in the air.

They use electricity to operate and work according to the capacity of battery inserted. Normally, these types of trimmers work for about 2 or 3 hours without requiring you to give any additional source of power. However, you always have to charged them after utilizing all the stored energy.

3.Gas trimmers

Gas weed or plant trimmers are heavier as compared to electric powered trimmers because their engines utilize gasoline and make it difficult for beginners to use them according to their requirements. They are usually suitable for edging or trimming heavy or hard bushes as their blades and engines are made for such types of jobs.

Type of machine

1.Gas-powered Trimmers

Gas powered grass and plant trimmers need a large amount of gasoline as they consist of an engine. Just because of this fact they become expensive for most of the users as their budget does not allow them to purchase fuel so frequently. Also when they are damaged, you will have to spend a comparatively bigger amount than those on electric powered ones. They are normally heavy and therefore, particularly suitable for heavy work.

best weed eater


These types of tools are not portable and do not allow users to move in the way they want. If you have a small garden, then they will be your best companion however, if your garden consists of a big area then you need to find something else.

GreenWorks 21272


Cordless trimmers are normally easy to use as they do not restrict your area to be trimmed nor produce difficulties in the way to edge or trim bushes. They are also light in weight and therefore, enable users to work in their big gardens that frequently require trimming.

Reasons for Buying a Trimmer

  • Easy to use: You will always find weed whips as the best suit for your edging or trimming needs as they are provided with all what you want. Their blades are so sharp and strong that you can easily work on hard or stiff weeds without having any sort of problem.
  • Reduce trimming hassle: With the help of a string trimmer, you can easily perform the tasks of edging or trimming. They work with the best possible speed in order to complete the job within a very short time period.
  • Prices: There are a number of brands in the market that produce affordable and efficiently trimmers just to facilitate all types of customers. Their prices generally range from $40 to $100 for electric trimmers whereas, gas powered wackers are priced between $80 and $200.

Where can you buy a weed or grass trimmer?

There are a number of sources from where you can easily purchase a weed wacker that can better compliment your requirements. You can go for any reputed, reliable garden or home appliances store to see different types of trimmers. However, departmental chain stores are another ideal place to find a piece of your choice.

If you are not a regular user of trimmers or want one just for a few hours, then you can even rent it from any garden or tractor supply store.

Always remember to bargain on the price because every shop keeper used to quote a price that is higher than the product’s actual price.


After reading this buying guide, I am sure that you have now all the information which is required to find a better piece. Since this article is a precise guide for every buyer, you can choose an ideal model that cannot only help you to edge or trim weeds, but also keep your surrounding protected and safe.

Commuter Biking and Other Ways to Save Transport Costs

With the rising price of gas, diesel and other fuels, many people are now turning to biking as a good way of getting around their local area and even getting to work. Many workplaces are jumping on the bandwagon and offering incentives to their employees who are willing to give up the car even a few days per week and either bike or take public transit into the office.

Of course, many people have fallen out of the habit of biking and, may have never even considered jumping on their bike to go to work or school. There are quite a few mistakes that people are likely to make when first starting out, such as purchasing a bike that doesn’t suit their needs or spending way too much.

While many bikes sold for sport, such mountain bikes are not really suitable for road biking in most cities. They tend to lack the amenities that are taken for granted with getting a bike in Europe. Commuter bicycles are made with softer, rounded tires that are suited for hugging roads rather than hilltops. They are also usually equipped with bells, lights, kickstands, baskets, a chain guard and fenders.

Making sure your bike isn’t stolen is also very important. Cars may come with locks, but it’s up to you to keep your ride safe when you’re out on biking trips. Though it is far more common now to see racks to chain your bike to than it was even a few years ago, many places are more interested in creating parking spots for cars.

Assuming you can find a reasonably safe place, be sure you invest in a good lock. While there will still be a few determined people that can get through the best locks, if you can’t take your bike in with you somewhere, you can at least be reasonably certain that most people won’t bother a bike locked up in plain sight.

Commuter Biking and Your Road Rules

Learning the rules of the road are also part of safe commuter biking. While you certainly are entitled to a whole lane, and you don’t have to cling to the side whenever a car comes up behind you, it is also required that you signal and ride on the street. Sidewalks are actually more dangerous places for bikes, especially now that more and more people are out walking. You may not ride your bike when drunk, either.

While this hasn’t been very safe in recent years, many municipalities are putting in bike trails and bike lanes that make it much safer to get around, though it is still very important road biking not claim your life. It’s still more dangerous to get in a car and drive around, but you should always be on the lookout for low-traffic routes. While they may not be the shortest route between points, such side street biking adventures are far safer and nicer to enjoy.

In some cities you’ll need to have a helmet. It’s also often required and always a good idea to have lights. This should include a flashing LED lamp that you can clip to what ever is on your back end and most visible. You will probably want to invest in a lamp that will actually light the way for you, especially if you live in a suburban area with less light density.

Biking is not only a great way to save money on your transport, but you can also chuck your membership to the gym. When you get in the habit of making regular biking trips to work and entertainment, you’ll be getting a good workout in, too. You’ll have a chance to enjoy the seasons, especially if you invest in some good clothes to keep inclement weather off. An old biking maxim in milder parts of the country is, “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.” Both wool and synthetics are appropriate.

Bike maintenance involves keeping the chain lubricated and dealing with the occasional flat tire. With all the money you’ll be saving on gas, auto maintenance and insurance, you’ll be able to pay someone in your local area a modest fee to do the maintenance for you on a regular schedule.

Many people combine a bus pass with biking when they decide to give up the car. However, you don’t have to give up your car to enjoy the considerable savings that using a bike can offer you when the price of gas closes in on $5/gal ($1.30/L).

Biking is also a good choice for families that want to get out and get some exercise in the neighborhood. You can use this as an excuse to patronize the local economy, visiting nearby restaurants and getting groceries from the local co-op or farmers’ market.

Other related modes of transport include skateboarding, ride sharing, car sharing and using highly efficient vehicles. Scooters, motorcycles and hyper-efficient smart cars are all becoming increasingly popular options for saving on transport costs. But, few are as elegant and problem-free as the biking.

Tips for Choosing the Best Office Chairs

Before choosing an office chair, you should plan on the budget of the chairs, do some market research on some of the best office chairs at the moment and engage in consultations with experts. You surely do not want to invest in something that isn’t of quality, durable and doesn’t meet your expectations.  The following tips will help you in choosing the best office chair.

office chair photo


You should purchase chairs according to what you like and need. If you are looking for chairs to use for a conference you should go for conference chairs.


You should make a budget of the money you shall use in purchasing the chairs to avoid bulking purchasing. Budgeting will also help in avoiding few chairs which are expensive that won’t be enough for your business enterprise.


After doing market research and engaging in consultations with experts and people who have bought office chairs previously, you should be able to tell the companies that manufacture the best office chairs. Companies with a good track record of manufacturing quality and durable products are the best to buy from. You should also do some research on the best types of chairs in the market at that moment.


The cost of office chairs is not as important as its quality. When purchasing the chairs you should concentrate more its quality and durability. Cheap products are known to be of low quality compared to the expensive ones. You better purchase office chairs that are expensive and will last for long other than purchase on cheap chairs which are not durable.


This is a very important aspect of every office chair as it helps to offer support to the body and prevents lower back pain. A chair with this feature is one of the best.


Buy office chairs with colors that blend with the rest of the furniture in the rooms in which they will be placed. This makes the office look attractive and look a bit organized.


The chairs that come with casters are the best to move around the office with and they are definitely one of the best.


Office chairs with cushioning are the best as they protect and prevent straining of the lower back muscles. Especially for offices where people work while seated for long hours this is a very important feature that you should look for while buying.


Seats with adjustable height are the best as compared to those of fixed height. You can be able to stretch your legs to the ground while you sitted on such. This helps to maintain a good posture and helps to avoid straining your neck and back.

All this tips offer great help while deciding on which are the best office chairs to purchase.

Office Chairs – How to Find the Right One

Being comfortable in your office is just as important as being comfortable in your home or room. You need good, solid back support, comfortable seating and the feeling that you can sit forever in your chair. It isn’t easy trying to find a chair that’s right for you. Before buying one, take a few things into account so you can have a shortlist of the best office chairs to choose from. Remember, the optimal chair for any office-goer is the one that makes you forget that you’re sitting on one. Here are a few tips so you can find the chair that fits your needs.

Before buying your chair, you must first determine a few things about the location and task that you will be putting the chair into. Will you be using it with a table or with your desk, at the back or at the front? If you’re going to use the chair as your seat at the back of the desk, make sure that there is comfortable legroom for you to move in and out of it. If an office chair will be used for seating visitors, just make sure that there is room for your visitors to be comfortable in the chair. If you want your chairs to be mobile, make sure that its castors are appropriate for the type of flooring in your office. You won’t want your seat to damage the floor.

It is a good idea to purchase adjustable chairs. It is very important that you take care of your back and spine, since these support your torso. Having the right kind of tilt is essential for good posture and, therefore, enhanced productivity. The best office chairs offer adjustable backrests that tilt backward, forward and at an angle so it can adequately support your back. It is also advisable to make sure that the backrests have a locking mechanism to keep it from moving away from your optimal position.

Height adjustment is as important as making sure that your back is in a great posture. If you’re on the tall side, you wouldn’t want a short chair and have your knees knocking on your jaw while working. Same goes for short people. Sitting like you’re standing on tiptoes is not the best way to be productive in the office. So make sure that your chair can adjust its height so your thighs are parallel to the floor, whether your knees are bent or straight.

Buying a chair with a mesh backrest is ideal for people with chronic back pains. It supports their lumbar area and helps prevent the sitter from experiencing any pain while in the office. The best office chairs also have a tilt adjustment. Not too hard or too soft; you need the tilt adjustment to be just right.

The best office chairs let their users control all the adjustments while sitting. If you want to know what the top brands for office chairs are, check out their online ratings. Just remember to pick out the chair that gives you all the features that you want while fitting your budget. You’ll sit on your chair for a very long time and it pays to choose the right one.

Counter-top Dishwasher advantages


Countertop-DishwasherA  counter-top dishwasher is at the top of the list when you mention small dishwashers. They are about the same size as a microwave. So if you need a dishwasher that would fit almost anywhere in your kitchen then a counter-top dishwasher is your best option.

they’re also great if you only need to wash a few dishes at a time. Most counter-top dishwasher capacity rang between 4-6 plates at a time. You will be amazed about how equipped these dishwashers are. They carry all the same features larger dishwashers have.  A dishwasher that is usually 17 inches tall and only use 2 gallons of water per load, I can not see where you would go wrong purchasing one.


Overall they’re  slight differences between a counter-top dishwasher and a large size dishwasher. First they retrieve its water from the sinks. You just have to attach a tube to your kitchen sink faucet  that runs to the back of the dishwasher. There is also a drain hose, so when the cycle is finish the water will drain back in the sink. Some even are equipped with a water heater to warm up the water. If the model you purchase do not have one usually you can control the water temperature from the faucet.


Counter-top dishwasher

Most are housed with a quick install technology. which save time for installation and removal. Read the owners manual for more information.

Cutlery Basket

Counter-top dishwasher

They are equipped with a basket that holds your forks, spoons, knives, and other utensils. Just make sure you don’t pack to many utensils in the basket, because just like any dishwasher some utensils can’t slide through the holes and stop the spray arm from spinning.

Dish Capacity

Majority of counter-top dishwasher hold between 4-6 dishes. So if you wash a few dishes a day I believe this would be perfect for that, however each models varies so make sure you read the manual.

Are there set wash cycles?

The myth of a counter-top dishwasher only having select cycles is not true. They come equipped with just as many cycles as a regular size dishwasher. If you were wondering if they had the power to remove tough stains, well they do. The cycles that is usually include is light, normal, heavy, glass, and a speed wash.

Do I have to put a Counter-top Dishwasher on the counter?

No despite the name they can be used anywhere you feel fit. I know some kitchen lacks space on the counter. Counter top dishwasher are versatile, so they can be placed in a cabinet or even under the sink.


Counter-top dishwashers can easily be maintained. Just make sure you do not put to many dishes an utensils in at once. In doing can prevent the spray arm from functioning properly. Also clean any left over food from the tray before washes. Ultimately you should have longevity out of your counter-top dishwasher if maintained correctly.


I believe that the best counter-top dishwashers are perfect for apartments, kitchens with limited space, and for RV and boats. They will provide all you need just like a full size dishwasher would. Factor in the affordable price and consumption of electricity and water I believe this is will be a perfect for your kitchen.

Do Tankless Water Heaters Really Save Energy?

Tankless Water Heater Marketing Is Everywhere

If you have had a reason to think about water heaters lately you have probably heard a lot about tankless water heaters.  In the last couple of years the tankless water heater manufacturers have really stepped up their promotional campaigns and spent some big bucks building consumer awareness and interest in their products.   Tankless water heaters have been portrayed as providing huge energy savings and endless hot water.  How much of this is true?

Just The Facts, Ma’am

Today we are going to start cutting through some of the marketing hype and find out exactly how tankless water heaters stack up in the energy savings arena.  Just how efficient are they, anyway?

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Now is a good time to go ahead and say that we will be discussing gas (or LP) tankless heaters.  Electric tankless heaters really make no sense  99% of the time.  They just don’t do the job in most cases and usually require extensive (and expensive) rewiring.  Electricity is really a fairly expensive way to heat water in most cases.

While we are on the subject of electric water heaters lets clear up one more thing.  Even though most electric tank type water heaters are rated with a higher efficiency factor than similar gas models, they are not usually an good choice to lower your energy bills.

It’s true that electric water heaters are technically more efficient, because there is no energy wasted up the flue pipe common to all gas water heaters.  The problem is that, at least for now in most places, the electricity required to operate a water heater costs more than either natural gas or LP.  So even though it takes less energy, the energy used costs more.  Enough said.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Let’s talk about the possible energy savings with gas tankless water heaters.  It is a fact that gas tankless water heaters are rated almost 50% more efficient than a standard tank type gas water heater.  The reason tankless heaters beat tank type in efficiency is because there is no energy used keeping a tank full of water hot.   The only time any energy is used is when hot water is actually being used.  As soon as the faucet is turned off the heater stops heating the water.   This is one of the big selling points for tankless water heaters.

It’s Not All Hype

So it’s not all hype, tankless water heaters really are more efficient, but the payback period that is often stated in marketing literature is probably based on the best case scenario.  In the real world, the more frequently hot water is used the smaller the gap in efficiency between tankless and tank type water heaters.  This is because there is less “non use” or “temperature maintenance” energy use as the frequency increases of “hot water usage events” (a fancy way of saying a hot water faucet was turned on).

Basically, if you are using hot water any type of heater will be using energy. It takes the same amount of BTUs to heat a gallon of water in either type of water heater.  In plain English,  the more often you use hot water the less a tankless will save you on your gas bill.

Check Your Usage Pattern

So, are tankless water heaters really more more efficient?  The answer, strictly speaking is, yes.  How much more efficient depends on your individual usage pattern.  If you are thinking about going tankless you should probably pay attention to when and how often you use hot water now.  The more frequently you use hot water, the less money you will save in energy costs.

What to Look for in a Beach Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bicycles are bicycles that are characterized by upright handlebars, wide seats, wide tires, and a single gear. These bikes are very popular today and there are several reasons for this popularity. You should buy cruiser bicycles because of their many benefits.

You should buy cruiser bicycles because of the many health benefits of cycling. Cycling and other moderate activities help your immune system. This is important because you will be protected from different systemic diseases and it increases activity against tumor cells. Yet another health benefit of cycling is the fact that it helps hundreds of muscles, meaning you will be fitter. This means cycling is particularly important if you are older since muscles shrink as you grow older.

Cycling also helps your skeletal system. Cycling and the strain on the skeletal system will strengthen and increase the mobility of your skeletal system. Cycling also has a positive effect on strength and bone density. Yet another health benefit of cycling is the fact that it stimulates the muscles of your lower back where slipped discs are more likely to occur. This leads to the strengthening and the securing of the spine, prevention of back pains, and prevention of spinal diseases.

Cycling is particularly advantageous in that it stimulates the small vertebrae muscles which are not easily affected through other exercises. The circular movement characteristic of cycling is important because it assists in the transport of energy and other metabolic products to the cartilages, thereby reducing the likelihood of arthrosis.

Another health benefit of cycling is the fact that it creates balance and equilibrium since it combines relaxation and exertion. Cycling is important to your mental health since the exercise stabilizes your body’s emotional and physical function, thereby counteracting depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems.

Cycling is advantageous in that it helps with heart and cardiovascular diseases, it reduces your body weight, adiposity, and obesity, it controls your blood pressure, it increases stamina, it prevents some cancers such as endometrial and lung cancers, and it enhances your beauty and attractiveness.

One of the greatest benefits of this type of cardiovascular exercise over other cardiovascular exercises such as running is the fact that cycling protects your joints since the body weight will not affect your leg, knee and ankle muscles. The fact that cycling is fun means that you will not get tired of exercising.

Yet another reason why you should buy cruiser bicycles is the fact that they are fun. These bicycles are made for use in beaches and on streets on hot summer days. You will not have as much fun as you will have on your cruiser bicycle in your car. These bicycles are particularly good if you want to spend quality time with your friends and family members. These bicycles are also very comfortable and this can be seen from the wide tires, the wide seats, and the upright handlebars.

You should buy a cruise bicycle as a cost saving measure. Gas prices are always hitting a record high, but bicycles consume no fuel whatsoever. You also save money in that cruise bicycles are very cheap, especially compared to cars and other means of transport.

Another reason why you should buy a cruiser bicycle is the fact that bicycles lower your carbon footprint. If you care for the environment, cruiser bicycles have no emissions whatsoever – even the cleanest car engine technologies emit something. With a bicycle, you will not damage the beach, the street, or the freeway and this means your local government will not spend on repairs.

Yet another reason why you should buy cruiser bicycles is the fact that you will be able to avoid traffic jams. This means you will reach your destination in good time if you are in a high-traffic area. You may not be able to reach the high speeds of a car, but you will find that you could even end up saving time if you are in an area known for high traffic. An example of this is going to a beach. There are many cars that are always headed to popular beaches and this means you could take forever to reach the beach.

Having a cruiser bicycle gives you unparalleled convenience. This is because you can stop wherever you are and you can go wherever you want. There are streets that are too narrow for cars. Convenience is also because parking is easy. You will not have a problem chaining up the bike, even in crowded strip malls and shopping centers. The fact that these bikes are not too expensive means that they are not easily stolen.

How to Install your Wireless Laser Keyboard and Mouse

The evolution of data input devices has changed dramatically over the past years, with the newest incarnation being the wireless laser keyboard and mouse. Actually, these devices are relatively simple in their function, but the productivity gains experienced by users is quite great. In the most basic form, a laser keyboard and accompanying mouse are any of the devices that use lasers instead of wires to communicate with computers.

These types of devices have taken the computing world by storm and are now the preferred devices by most users for controlling a computer. The major benefit of the laser keyboard and mouse is the elimination of unnecessary wires. This allows a person to control a computer from different places instead of having to be directly in front of the computer at all times.

The majority of laser keyboard mouse setups include a receiving unit that is typically plugged into an existing USB or PS2 port on the computer. The receiver receives the signals from the keyboard and mouse that correspond to the keys entered or the movement of the laser keyboard mouse. These signals are then transmitted to the computer and result in the input of text or the movement of a cursor on the screen.

From a user’s standpoint, these devices function the same as similar ones that use wires or optic technology. The laser technology that is used with these devices is very stable and it is a rare occurrence that a user will experience any data loss resulting from a malfunction or error from the operation of the lasers. The competing optic technology is actually less stable and results in more errors when used as a laptop keyboard mouse.

As this technology is relatively new, there are no accurate studies of just how long the devices will last and there will be great differences between the various manufacturers and models. Estimates of how long batteries will last in the device also vary greatly. Generally, it is expected that the keyboard will last for two year and the mouse will last for one year before needing new batteries.

This may change with a laptop keyboard mouse as it can drain batteries more quickly. At this lifespan, there is not much benefit to be had by using rechargeable batteries as they will only need to be replaced on an infrequent basis. Replacing batteries may be a deterrent for some users, however, it is a safe bet that a wireless laser keyboard and mouse will be the data input devices of choice until newer technology replaces them.

Dont Buy Child Bike Trailer Until You Read This

Sure, rolling in the stroller is fun, but there’s nothing like taking in the view from a bike, as you whiz by! While baby can’t ride in one yet, he can still enjoy the view after you buy child bike Trailer. It attaches to your bike so that you can pedal knowing baby is safe and comfortable behind you. Plus, it easily fits a second child! Thanks to its weight capacity of 100 pounds.

I remember those days that I had hard time putting my baby to sleep, so I took my baby for a ride in the car often. This is your answer! Buy child bike trailer. Not only that it’s good for you to get some exercise on your bike, but bonding with your baby and takes care the problem of putting your baby to sleep, and it does not cost you to burn expensive gas

It will be totally a different experience for you and your child! On a child bicycle seat with annoying wind hitting your cranky child will make it worse , or do you want a sleeper that your child is going to enjoy as much as serving your purpose to put your child to sleep… I believe your choice will be the choice of your child as well! Then this is it! This is the most comfortable sleeper your child will be begging for more rides, so he can go take a long nap…

This may be the best decision you ever make…

InStep Journey Bike Trailer is the Sleeper at its Best, because it is very affordable and will not cost you $589.99 like the Rolls Royce of Biker Trailer “Burley Cub Bike Trailer. Buy Child Bike Trailer For Only $89.00

You Will Love It!   It’s a fun, on-the-roll outing that everyone can enjoy!


  • Wind/Rain/Bug Weather shield with screen for extra protection
  • Recommended child age from 12 month – Up to 100 pounds
  • Easily for compact storage – Only weigh 25 pounds
  • Mag wheels (16 in.) with quick-release design
  • Extra-wide steel frame – Easily seats 2

Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor play is essential for children as they need constant exercise and a variety of different ways to play. Indoor playground equipment can maximize your children’s play time by giving them a great variety of different things to do inside, ensuring they will never be bored.

Indoor playground equipment is not just limited to businesses and organizations. With the right planning and consideration for your children’s play styles and preferences, anyone can have a fantastic set of indoor playground equipment that is perfect for their children’s needs. Children will be delighted with indoor play equipment that is fun to play on as well as exciting. There are many types of indoor playground equipment, such as slides, climbers, tree houses, climbing walls, obstacle courses, miniature structures, balance beams, swing sets for kids, and spring bouncers, among many others. There is no limit to the fun, educational, and useful indoor playground equipment styles you can build for your child.

When planning what indoor playground equipment to buy, you must consider several things. First, consider the overall ages of the children who will use the indoor playground equipment. Toddlers, preschoolers, and older children all have different developmental levels and need different types of playground equipment. You may wish to have a mix of different kinds of equipment in order to have a suitable structure for each age level.

Also consider safety and space limitations. Since indoor playground equipment comes in many shapes and sizes, you can customize your indoor play space the way you want it. But you need to know exactly how much space you have in order to fulfill its maximum potential and ensure for safe play. There needs to be an appropriate amount of room around and among the equipment in order for it to be safe for children to play on. Make sure your play space is safe by ensuring that all the equipment is secured to the ground and doesn’t pose a risk of tipping during play, and that there are no loose or broken parts or sharp edges.

Consider your budget, as well. For a smaller budget, consider a stand-alone structure rather than a full system of indoor playground equipment. You may also choose to lease an indoor playground set if you cannot afford to buy it, or if your children are between developmental stages and may not need a piece of indoor playground equipment for very long. Remember to budget for items such as costs for installation and soft surface material, if needed. For a larger budget, you can have your indoor playground equipment custom-designed and professionally installed, for a unique play space that any child will love.

With the endless variety of indoor playground equipment available, you can choose to have your equipment made in whatever materials you like. You should pick activity-appropriate materials that will be best for the children who will be using the equipment. You can also choose exactly which colors to use in your play space, ensuring that your indoor playground equipment shows off the look that you and your children want. With proper planning and consideration, anyone can purchase the right kind of indoor playground equipment for their children, ensuring that their children experience years of active and safe play, enabling them to be happy and healthy.

How To Plan A Kerosene Space Heater

If you are planning to turn your unused garage into a work area, you should think first of the utility that you need and one of them is the kerosene space heater.  You will need to heat the garage on the coldest days.  When you try to build a heating system, you should consider some options.

Integrated heating

It may be cheaper to try to connect the garage to the central system of healing of your home.  The costs depend on the system and the amount of piping that will be needed.  However, using the central heating system and not a secondary, you will save a lot of money with energy.  It’s also very effective to use a radiator with a thermostat.  In this way, you can turn off the heater when not using the garage.  You can also keep a certain temperature in the garage.  It’s better to maintain a temperature, and then try to heat a cold room.

Space heater

Heaters are available in many different energy sources and levels of portability.  These systems are great when you use the garage only for short periods of time, or infrequent periods in winter.  They are also great when you cannot connect the box to the central heating system.  Thinking about the time you will spend in the garage, and try to choose the best option for you like kerosene space heater or gas space heater.


If you spend much time in the garage, and you see the money going from the windows, and want to be more efficient, it is time to think about insulating the garage walls and ceiling.  This will help reduce costs significantly.  If you do not want to spend money on insulation, at least to see if there are cracks and open spaces through which air can enter, also try to seal the doors and windows.
But instead of asking “What is the best space heater”, perhaps a better question is “What I want the heater to do for me?”

I want the stove to heat the room quickly?

If you want fast heat your space heater you should buy one with a fan. A space heater with a fan to heat a room 3 times faster than one without a fan.

Do you or someone in your family have allergies?

If you are allergic to dust, pollen, or have asthma you should buy a heater without a fan. A fan of good works to heat a room quickly, but also fills the air with dust particles.

What is the size of the room you want the heat? Is the room with or without heat

A kerosene space heater will do a good job, a warm room without heat if the room is not more than 14 square meters. But if all you need is a bit of excess heat, heater temperature rise of 4 degrees Celsius in rooms up to 37 square meters.

Kerosene space heater is an effective and inexpensive to add warmth to your home. Kerosene space heater is the best space heater that meets the intended purpose.

In Depth Road Bikes vs Triathlon Bikes

I am constantly asked what the big differences are between road bikes and triathlon bikes. The obvious difference is the fact that one races a triathlon in an aero position, but sometimes we see aerobars on road bikes so what is the real difference? There is a smaller difference between UCI legal time trial bikes and triathlon bikes, though they look very similar. The short answer is, road bikes are designed to have three hand positions, triathlon bikes are designed to have one. Just because a road bike has clip on aerobars, it does not imply that it is a purpose built triathlon bike.

Draft legal triathlons are the one area where a road bike is used with little stub aerobars, but positionally speaking, I call them road bikes. They are designed to be able to do all that a road racing bike does and in fact, bicycle racers use the aero position of a draft legal triathletes all the time.

Time trial bikes that are UCI legal have saddles that are set back further than triathlon bikes. The bike is setup so the rider has to actually ride on the nose of the saddle (on the rivet, as they say) to get the proper balance point for the effort being produced. The harder one pedals, the farther forward their balance point moves.  Since a time trialist is racing at max effort, the most efficient position is in front of the comfortable point on the saddle, so riders just tough it out. They don’t have to be comfortable and their events are rarely longer than about an hour so who cares?

Triathlon bikes are designed to be ridden for longer distances and at a submaximal pace. This means that the rider will be putting more weight on the saddle and aerobars because they are not pounding the pedals hard enough to support themselves. As such, the saddle and aerobars are located in the place the rider is the most efficient or most aerodynamic. The reason I distinguish between the two is traditional triathlon positions are very far forward to accommodate a triathlete’s greater hip angle needs and to allow a super aero position.

My problem with this position is twofold. First, the position is not powerful and many triathletes give up more power than is gained by pure aerodynamics. Second, the further forward one is positioned relative to their balance point, the more front loading occurs on the knees and overcompensation by quadriceps occurs. This muscle imbalance is paid for in the transition and the start of the run.

The perfect triathlon position is the one where the rider is as strong and aero as possible, with enough comfort to be able to stay in the aerobars the entire event. This is a biggie. If you have to sit up during a race to rest because the aero position is not sustainable, you have a problem. You will be going slower and you will be more fatigued in the run. Remember, though, power trumps aerodynamics to a point, so your best position may not be where you think it is!

Since the position on the bike and the setup of the bike to support that position are the two defining differences between a road bike and a triathlon bike, what about all the aero tubing on some frames and the round tubes on others? Some frame manufacturers advertise how fast their frames are based on wind tunnel testing, but I think that is a lot of marketing hype for the most part. Here is a critical fact: The part of the time trial or triathlon bike that creates the most drag is the rider! The frame is inside the boundary layer and as such doesn’t make as big a contribution to aerodynamics as one might think.

The concept of a boundary layer is a tough one so imagine the air right next to you going the speed you are, and at a certain point away from your body (and the bike) the air is undisturbed. There is a “layer” of air that transitions from no disturbance to actually going your speed, as the layer of air molecules that touch your skin are doing. The stuff in between is the “boundary layer.”  In my industrial design career, I remember designing a part that went on a Boeing 777, and I remember learning the boundary layer was 13″ thick at the point in question. This means that the 2″ part that was sticking out of the fuselage had virtually no real aerodynamic detriment!

What all this means is, a road bike with aero tubing still won’t be as fast as a triathlon bike with round tubing, assuming the rider has a good position! What this also means is, the aerobars, fork and front wheel have a huge impact on aerodynamics as they are outside the boundary layer. Some very fast Ironman finishes occur with people riding round tube triathlon bikes, but you can bet they are positioned correctly and have good wheels, aerobars and front fork.

At the end of the day, there is a lot to a good triathlon bike. The first thing, positioning, is the most critical. Second, great wheels are important. Third, having a good set of integrated aerobars that have the shifters at the ends of the aerobars is important. Next, hydration. Frame bottles or aerobar bottles / hydration systems are much better than those behind the saddle. You have to move around to reach back and get those saddle mounted bottles, so that is an area that could yield good results.

Triathletes are in charge of all of the aspects for all three disciplines in the sport. The bike is so critical and yet so overlooked it is not surprising that much bad information travels around the transition area. When you are sitting around the cooler after a race, and someone says that “Brand X” bike won 10 Ironman’s, remember, the bike frame didn’t win the race. The athlete did, who had the best time in all three legs! I hope this is good food for thought and I am happy to answer any follow on questions that result from this reading.

Comparing Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

Many customers feel that memory foam and latex mattresses are the very same thing. Irrespective of their opinion, there are some essential variances that ought to be comprehended prior to generating a buying choice. Listen to the critical dissimilarities amongst the memory foam and latex mattress that will assist you determine on the excellent one for you.

It can be really puzzling hunting for a bed simply because there are so several varieties of beds on hand to choose from. You can also help save funds by choosing a latex mattress topper as a alternative. One thing that may possibly probably assist is to examine memory foam or latex mattress testimonials prior to you make your decision. All mattresses are not alike and coming to a decision as to which is ideally suited for you might consider a bit of effort on your portion.

The two things that men and women appear at most are price and comfort. If you wish to compare offering rates there are two common items of info that you need to have, the true cost and how several a long time you assume the mattress to survive. Get the entire price and divide it by the complete amount of many years and you will come up with a yearly cost for that particular bed. Figuring prices this way makes it easy to examine prices among distinct types of beds. To give an example, a $one,200 mattress that lasts twelve many years will expense you $one hundred per yr.

Memory foam beds will most likely final about 15 years if they are sometimes flipped around to stop sagging. Latex beds can previous a lot lengthier and go for 30 many years or far more without as well a lot sagging. If the costs are the very same the latex bed will be half the overall expense every 12 months.

When apprising comfort there are so several variables it can make your head spin. If you like to remain awesome memory foam is possibly not for you. Memory foam beds retain more system heat than the other bedding types and will most likely be unpleasant for some men and women. Latex is cooler since it has little holes drilled into it that will enhance air flow through the mattress. These little holes, called pin core holes, also lessen friction in the mattress which is 1 explanation why this kind of bedding lasts so prolonged.

Memory foam is firmer and denser than latex and is typically rated at five ILD or higher. Latex is most typically rated at 4 ILD or less. If you should have a firm bed you can’t go wrong with a memory mattress. On the other hand, a normal organic and natural latex mattress has a good deal of firmness, but moreover has that spring to it that helps make it feel softer.

In addition to price and comfort there are a number of other critical elements that you ought to understand prior to creating an irreversible evaluation. Latex arrives from rubber tree sap and is 100 organic and natural. It is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites, bacteria, pests, and is even fire retardant. It is an perfect mattress for allergy or asthma victims. Nevertheless, Memory foam is produced from chemical substances that may well end result in irritation of delicate pores and skin or allergic reactions in some sleepers. In addition, it is not environmentally friendly.

Latex beds are not without having faults, they do have a single drawback. They will be relatively higher-priced to purchase. If they appear also large-priced you can decide on latex mattress toppers as an option. However, because this sort of bedding lasts so extended the yearly price can be rather lower, producing them a great appeal. They are also exceptionally hefty which will make them challenging to move if the event calls for it.

A memory foam mattress is distinctive in that it conforms to the contours of an specific. This is possibly the finest benefit this selection of bed has to provide due to the fact it will lower the amount of bodyweight on any a single body component by spreading the fat of the entire body over a more substantial region. Sleepers with lower back pain a lot of instances get outstanding relief from snoozing on memory foam. Get your time and search at a number of much more memory or latex mattress critiques prior to generating a decision you may regret for a extremely lengthy time.

Boating – Boat storage know how

I know you don’t want to admit it, but the days are growing shorter, cooler and Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Yes, it has been a great year for taking your boat out on the water and trying out your angling skills against the feistiest of water creatures, but the time has come to put it all behind you, store your prized boat, and dream of next year.

Properly storing your boat has many benefits. While it may take a little time now to get the job done right, following good boat storing procedures can save you a great deal of headache and money when Spring comes and you once again take your beauty out onto the waters.

Proper boat storage only takes a little bit of your money and time to complete and keeps your inflatable boat in tip top shape and running like new. To get your boat ready for storage you will need: storage/fogging oil, fuel stabilizer, anti-corrosion spray, spray lube, trailer jack and tools.

Here’s how to store your boat the right way:

1. Fuel Stabilizer. In order to avoid condensation in your fuel tank and fuel lines, you need to add fuel stabilizer to your full tank of gas. First, fill up your tank completely with gasoline and add stabilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most products call for 1 ounce of stabilizer to every gallon of gas. Next, start the motor on the flusher for about one minute to push the treated gas throughout the system.

2. Fogging Oil. Apply fogging oil to the carburetors. Most motors have fittings for applying fogging oil. If yours does not you need to look for openings to apply the oil into. You might even have to remove the carburetor cover. Remember that the fogging oil will make the motor smoke more than normal on its first few runs.

3. Flusher. Next, unhook the flusher and drain the gear case. Refill it with fresh lubricant. If you notice water in the flushed lubricant, this could be a sign that your shaft seal needs replaced. If you suspect that it does, do not delay. A bad seal could cost you $1,000 or more in repairs if left alone. 4. Spark Plugs. Remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil into the cylinders. Clean the housing and coat electrical connections with anti-corrosion spray. Replace old spark plugs with new.

5. Inspect Steering. Inspect all of the cables on and in your steering column. Clean out all of the grime and let the shaft air out. Then, spray all cables with anti-corrosion spray.

6. Battery. Disconnect your battery and clean the terminals and spray with anti-corrosion spray. Properly store the battery and remember to put it on charge for a couple of days each month.

7. Motor. Store the motor in a downward tilted, running position and recover with the motor cover. Do not use a plastic cover which will trap moisture against your motor. Instead, use a cloth or canvas boat tarp that will allow the motor to breathe.

8. Trailer. Inspect the trailer and grease all of the bearings. Check the tires and spray anti-corrosive on any unprotected iron.

Now that you have properly stored your boat, you can finally relax and dream of all of the fishing legends that you will no doubt inspire in the upcoming season. And with all of the maintenance behind you, you may be able to hit the waters before your buddies even get their boats out from under wraps.

A Guide to Water Balance For Swimming Pool and Maintenance

Before adding swimming pool chemicals it is important that you read and familiarise yourself with the workings of your spa / pool and support equipment. A clear, clean fresh spa or pool is only possible if you have good filtration and clear water flow

The first step in treatment is to ensure good water balance, which will create the right conditions for bather comfort, chemical efficiency and equipment protection. There are three major factors affecting water balance, they are pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness

Calcium hardness

Hardness is the measurement of calcium salts in the swimming pool or spa water and this will vary depending where you live. Low calcium hardness levels (soft water) can lead to corrosion of the materials of construction. Hard water (water high in calcium) can lead to limescale foriming in your pipes and equipment
Calcium Hardness Guide Measures
•    Ideal calcium hardness levels are between 100 – 200 ppm (mg/l).
•    When the level is below 75 ppm (mg/l), apply Hardness Plus
•    When the measurement exceeds 200 ppm (mg/l), apply Scale Inhibitor.

pH Measures

pH can range from 1 to 14 where 1 is very acid and 14 very alkaline It is essential to maintain spa water within the 7.2 – 7.6 range which, because it is slightly alkaline, will protect equipment from corrosion and provide the optimum conditions for the people enjoying the pool or spa and also ensures  the best sanitiser efficiency.
•    Ideal pH level for spas is between 7.2 – 7.6.
•    When the level is below use pH Plus
•    When the measurement is greater than 7.6 apply pH Minus
pH can be tricky to manage in spas as the system water turns over fast, is very agitated and is at higher temperature than swimming pool systems. [All these factors

pH rises can be caused by this which causes chlorine products such as chlorine shock to lose effectiveness. Much higher doses of chlorine sanitisers such as will then be required. avoid this problem by using Bromine. Bromine works effectively over a wider pH range than chlorine Unlike chlorine, bromine keeps working in a spa for longer and so helps you minimise your spa chemicalsuse

Total Alkalinity

pH Changes are buffered by total alkalinity If TA levels are too low the pH will fluctuate widely.
If Total alkalinity is too high then water clarity can be affected but it also makes it difficult to make changes to water pH levels
•    optimum Total Alkalinity is 100 ppm (mg/l) When it is below 80mg/l use Alkalinity Plus
•    When Total Alkalinity is above 140mg/l remedy it with pH Minus to reduce it
You should definitely check your water balance on a regular basis as it is the basis for your other chemical treatments

Use Test strips to measure your water balance, they are very easy to use.

Better Sound Quality with USB Microphone

The first step of producing the best sound quality for your podcast, vocal or music instrument start from Microphone, even you have the top quality of pre-amplifier or expensive music editor software but your quality of sound recoding is poor, you cannot have the best professional sound for your project.

Below are lists of the top quality USB Microphone that you can plug and play with your computer and have the good sound quality without require any extra equipment.

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone

Round, white and retro style but use with modern technology that can bring a processional sound quality. Blue Microphones Snowball can recoding directly to your PC or MAC via USB cable. It’s perfect for vocal or band and also for Podcasting .

The Blue Microphones Snowball can recording in Cardioid mode, Cardioid mode with -10 dB PAD and Omni directional mode. This microphone idea for who’s looking for style and technology.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser USB Microphone

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is the best plug and play USB Microphone with studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. This is perfect for home studio recording , pod casting, field recording, and voiceover.

Audio-Technica AT2020  is the cardioid condenser microphone with  low-mass diaphragm, custom-engineered for extended frequency response and superior transient response. This provide low self-noise and perfectly suited for sophisticated digital recording equipment.

Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone

Samson CO1U is another great quality USB Microphone for vocal and acoustic instrument performances that can be plugged into computer without any expensive pre-amps require. with 19mm internal shock mounted diaphragm with a cardioid pick up pattern ensuring pristine studio quality recordings.

This microphone idea for students, journalists, Podcasters who want to add great quality sound for their project.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone

the world’s first THX-Certified microphone Yeti  Blue Microphones  have four recording pattern such as Stereo mode, Cardioid mode, Omnidirectional mode and Bidirectional mode.

This microphone can guarantee the quality of sound recording form Vocal, music instrument,  interview and Podcast.  Blue Microphones Yeti is another  Blue Microphone’s Technology.

Bike Helmets – Style and Safety

Use of helmets dates back to 900 BC when Assyrian soldiers first wore leather or bronze protection around their head to stay protected from lethal objects such as swords and arrows while fighting. Helmets have sure come a long way since then. These days helmets are used for sports or any other recreational, transportation or professional activity that may post threat to the human skull.Design of a helmet aims at protecting the head by absorbing energy during impact.Bicycling is one activity or sport where helmets are a must to wear to safeguard the head against any head injury.Available in various shapes and style, these cool bike helmets have been highly effective in ensuring that head injuries are prevented.

A recently concluded survey revealed that bicycle accidents cause nearly 1300 deaths every year in the United States alone.With the growing risk of accidents involved while riding a bike and an ever increasing human quest for adventure, bike helmets have become so important that the US government has come up with certain safety standards around it.Bike helmets used by bikers in the US should be approved by the commission for safety of consumer products.All bike helmets worn are advised to bear a sticker issued by CPSC to ensure that the helmets are reliable, durable and safe for the purpose of using them as bike helmets.

The very first thing to be kept in mind while buying a bike helmet is to ensure that it fits properly around the head.Bike helmet should neither be too tight to cause discomfort nor too big.Best way to find a right fit is to try out various sizes at a store or seek help from experts. Many cool bike helmets are lightweight and come in various colors.A bike helmet can also be customized by using stickers or reflectors.

Reflectors are often a great choice as they provide added safety by reflecting light and cautioning motorists during night.It is imperative to wear a helmet the way it should be worn.While riding a bike, the strap of the helmet should always be locked or fastened. This ensures that the bike helmet sticks to the head and does not fall off, leaving the skull unprotected.A fastened strap will also confirm that during an impact the helmet stays at its place to serve its purpose .Athough these cool bike helmets are very durable and tolerant to impact, they should be handled with care.

 Care for your very Cool Bike Helmets

A helmet should never be thrown around as it may get damaged and may not be able to protect that well when its actually required to do so.Also, it is advisable that a helmet once put to test should be replaced with a new one.
These cool bike helmets usually come in three common styles: sport bike helmets, road bike helmets and helmets for mountain biking. While sport bike helmets are economical and meant for daily biking and ligh sports, mountain helmets come with visor and additional rear head protection.

While one would not dare to drive without a seat belt on, it is absolutely necessary to wear one of your cool bike helmets  before hopping on to a bike.