Why The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Is The Perfect Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is probably the most famous ergonomic chair in history. It definitely is the only office chair to be displayed in the Museum of Modern Art. Getting a lot of attention for its innovative design, the Aeron chair is highly coveted by office workers from all over the globe.

Is the Herman Miller Aeron chair right for you? This article will tell you a bit about what makes this chair so special and give you some of the benefits and downsides of owning this unique office chair.

What Makes the Herman Miller Aeron Chair So Special?

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

According to Herman Miller’s website, the Aeron chair accommodates both the sitter and the environment. What this means is that Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf, the designers, created a chair that adjusts to almost every type of user and office environment. This happens because of Chadwick and Stumpf’s innovative PostureFit® design. The design adjusts to the user’s natural pelvic movements, which makes for better posture in the chair.

The PostureFit® design is only one of the many things that set the Aeron apart from other ergonomic chairs on the market. Created to provide the ultimate sitting experience, the user’s natural pelvic movements are supported, keeping the user’s spine in proper alignment and preventing painful back issues.

The other great design elements of the Aeron chair include:

  • Contoured back that takes unnecessary pressure off your spine.

  • Armrests that slope downward for additional comfort

  • Waterfall seat edge that keeps pressure off your thighs and lets your blood circulate

  • Kinemat® tilt mechanism that allows the user’s hips, ankles, knees, neck and shoulders to pivot in a natural manner.

One first for the Aeron chair that’s a bit quirky is that it was the first ergonomic chair that did away with padding. This was done because the designers felt that the Aeron’s contours should mold to your shape and take away the pressure points and heat that are often a part of the experience of sitting in a chair for hours on end five days a week.

Chadwick and Stumpf created the Pellicle, their patented seat and back material made specifically for the Aeron chair, so that the Aeron would conform to the shape of the user’s body and evenly spread pressure all across your body as opposed to a few select spots. The Pellicle material was also designed to keep the user’s body cool, even after hours of sitting.

One other detail that puts the Aeron chair above others is its green construction. Two thirds of the Aeron’s materials are made of recycled materials and over 94% of the chair itself is recyclable. Awarded many environmentally friendly certifications, the Aeron is a great chair for either you or the green warrior in your life.

What Other People Are Saying About the Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Most users have nothing but good things to say about the Aeron chair. Among the praiseworthy qualities (according to the reviewers) are the high levels of adjustability, its ability to conform to different body types and the excellent back support that the Aeron provides.

However, some reviewers have said that the seat pan can be a bit big, which can cause undue pressure in the back of the knees for shorter people. This can be remedied by selecting the right size chair for your height and weight. (The Aeron comes in three sizes: A, B and C for the largest users).

While the Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most famous office chairs on the market, that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect office chair for everybody. If you’re thinking of purchasing an Aeron chair, you might want to visit an office supply store and try them out in person. The Aeron office chair is quite the investment, so you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a chair that you find unbearable.

Where to place tens unit pads

Using Your TENS Unit

TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The unit is used to stimulate nerves in the skin. This can result in pain relief either by reducing the number of pain signals reaching the brain, or by the production of the body’s own pain killing chemicals.

Side effects
control for channel 2
control for channel 1

The most common problem is a skin reaction to the electrodes. This is less likely to occur if the electrodes are not always put in exactly the same place. The skin should be checked regularly for any damage. Please take note of the instructions that are on the packet containing the electrodes.

Do not:
-use the unit while driving or operating machinery.
-place the electrodes on the front or sides of your neck.
-place the electrodes in your mouth or over your eyes.
-use the unit if you have a pacemaker
-use the unit if you have heart disease or problems with your circulation.
-use the unit on children, or during pregnancy, or if you have epilepsy, except with medical advice.

Setting up the TENS unit
The TENS unit can give different types of stimulation. You need to find the settings that are most helpful to you. There are two main ways to set up the unit.

Method 1
• Set up the machine as shown in the picture with two electrodes plugged into channel 1. Place these two electrodes on either side of the painful area. If the area is large, channel 2 could also be used, with its electrodes also placed on either side of the painful area.
• Set the middle switch to N (normal).
• Set the pulse width (left white dial) to 200μs.
• Set the pulse rate (right white dial) to 100Hz.
• Use the control dial for the channel to turn the unit on. Turn up the strength of the stimulation as high as you can comfortably bear.
• You should use the unit for at least 30 minutes at a time, and begin by using it 3 – 4 times a day. You
can build up to using the unit as often as you like, but have breaks and do not use it when sleeping at night.
• When you have finished using the unit, turn it off before removing the electrodes.

Pain relief will occur while you are using the unit. You may try using the TENS unit after swapping the positions of the red lead and the black lead, as this may improve the pain relieving effect.

Homax 211 Gallons Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Spa with Accessories

To get more customers Homax always have new innovation in better system and fashionable design of hot tub spa with affordable price. It looks Homax understands so well about the need of having a spa and massage for many people by any background. It is because anyone deserves to have a better day and relaxing moment to release all stress and enjoy the spa massage. Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub can be the good product to meet both comfort and relax.

Details & Features:

  • Model: PH050017

  • One-touch install

  • Easy-to-use control panel

  • Easy to carry

  • Diameter:180 cm

  • Height:65 cm

  • Accessories: Zipped thermal cover, Digital cover lock, SPA Cartridge x 2, Instruction manual, Connecting pipe x 1 for inflation, Repair kit, PVC Ground mat x 1(black)

  • Additional Accessories: Water Test strips 1 bottle(50pcs), SPA Cartridge x 1

  • Premium Laminated PVC

  • Seating capacity: 4 people

  • Water Capacity: 211 Gal

  • Air Bubble Jets: 130

  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2

  • Water temperature range: 68 Degree – 104 Degree

Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub spa is made and designed in single touch of installation where installing hot tub is never easier than this one. You don’t need to take a time for installing and preparing the hot tub for spa and massage. It is completed with easy to use control panel that ease you in controlling the water temperature, air bubble jet and more. And it can be folded and carry with the bag that you will receive after purchasing to store in the storage or for travel.

Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable spa has diameter by 180 cm and for the height is 65 cm. If you purchase now, you will also receive a bundle of accessories such as PVC Ground mat x 1(black), Repair kit, Connecting pipe x 1 for inflation, Instruction manual, SPA Cartridge x 2, Digital cover lock and Zipped thermal cover. And also additional items like SPA Cartridge x 1 and Water Test strips 1 bottle (50pcs).

This Homax 211 gallons inflatable portable hot tub spa is laminated with premium synthetic leather. It holds up for 4 people. Water capacity is 211 gallons and air bubble jet is 130. The built in heater is 675 W X 2. It has the power with 0.9 HP X 2. This is good product to have. Many people have purchased and feel the relaxing hot tub even after months. You need to have it too.

Top tips to clean your dishwasher

Top tips to clean your dishwasher

For many who use dishwashers and integrated dishwashers, having visibly clean dishes is all that’s necessary. Unfortunately, dishwashing appliances should be cleaned periodically as well to ensure that dishes and utensils are completely sanitary when removed from the dishwasher. An unclean dishwasher means unclean dishes. Here are some tips on how to keep dishwashing appliances from accumulating too much unwanted debris.

1. Inspecting the Drain

Dishwashers use drains located near the bottom of the appliance to remove water that accumulates through the dishwashing process. If debris or particles of food are clogging the drain, the flow of waste water out of the dishwasher will be disrupted. If this happens, filthy water may remain in the dishwasher for an extended period of time, allowing bacteria and mould to grow. At times, vacuum cleaners may be used to remove dry, unwanted debris from drains.

2. Using the dishwasher

Running your dishwasher periodically and often can prevent unwanted mould and bacteria from cultivating in the dishwasher. By using it frequently enough, the life span of the appliances is preserved.

3. Cleaning the spinning arms

The spinning arms of a dishwasher are used to spray streams of clean water onto the dishes. The water comes through small holes located on the arms of the spinners. If these holes are clogged with debris such as particles of food and waste, the water that comes through is contaminated. Also, if the holes are very clogged, water may not come through forcefully enough, resulting not only in a dirty dishwasher but in unclean and unsanitary dishes and utensils as well.

4. After Usage cleaning

After a load of dishes is removed from the dishwasher, run the washer through one more cycle. Make sure that the dishwasher is completely empty and that the heat settings are appropriately adjusted. Doing this will eliminate mould and bacteria buildup along the sides and in the drain of the appliance.

5. Using cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies can accelerate the cleaning process for dishwashing appliances. Using a table spoon of bleach while running the dishwasher on empty serves to kill 99 percent of unwanted bacteria. Also, filling a cup with vinegar and running the dishwasher for a full cycle serves to disinfect and sanitize the dishwasher’s surfaces thoroughly.

6. Scrubbing

Finally, it is necessary to give dishwashers a good old fashioned scrubbing occasionally. The sides and doors of the dishwasher can benefit from a cleaning, reducing the buildup of lime scale, mould, rust, discoloration, and tough or greasy foods and stains.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats

If you are in a hurry and don’t feel like reading my story on inflatable pontoon boats you can click here to see where I found mine.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats_Fisg_Cat_10-IR

In my quest to find the ultimate inflatable pontoon boat I have discovered a few very important factors to consider before purchasing one. So I thought it would be prudent to share them with you.

One of the most important factors to consider is; where you will be doing most of your fishing and by that I mean, will you be fishing mostly on rivers or lakes?  If you plan on fishing mostly on rivers your pontoon boat will have to be very sturdy. The obvious reason is that you will undoubtedly  encounter some form of rapids and rocks, or logs that you will have to traverse. The more sturdy and durable your boat the better it will stand up to this type of use. The trade off here is that your pontoon boat will weigh more.
If, on the other hand you do most of your fishing on small lakes then you could (I don’t recommend it) scrimp a little and get a lighter pontoon boat. The trade off here is obvious as well. It probably will not last as long as a sturdier  model because you do encounter rocky shorelines on lakes too.

Something else to consider is what type of warranty it comes with.  Is there a money-back guarantee?  Does it have a trial period in which you can use to try it out and see whether  it’s right for you? A Quality Manufacturer will offer these things. Money back guarantees and trial periods tell you that the manufacturer has confidence in their products.

Another consideration is whether or not you have to get wet when using your inflatable fishing boat. Do you have to sit in it with your feet or legs in the water. This might be OK on a nice sunny summer day, but it will greatly reduce the time you spend on the water in the spring or fall when the water temperature is much colder. Being completely out of the water is much more desirable to me. Also having a platform to stand up on and stretch will reduce fatigue in your legs and it’s great for casting as well.

I decided on the Fish Cat 10-IR Stand Up by OutCast. It has almost everything that I was looking for. It’s got the standing platform, you sit up out of the water, the oars are light and very sturdy. It’s built by a reputable company that is one of the best in the industry. It has a mount for my electric motor. The pontoons are very durable; they are constructed from heavy weight  pvc nylon and have an internal air cell. It is slightly  on the heavy side,  68lbs to be exact but I knew that from the start  because I planned on doing a lot of  river fishing. By the way it carries a 5 year warranty as well.

Really the only thing that I didn’t like about my new inflatable pontoon boat was the skimpy little platform behind the seat. It’s made of fabric and surely wouldn’t hold a heavy battery. So I plan on installing a piece of corrugated aluminum which I can mount a battery box on. It should do the trick.

So there you have it, my quest for the ultimate inflatable pontoon boat is over. I have what I believe is the ultimate pontoon fishing boat that will last me for many years. There are many different models to choose from and you will have to decide what’s right for you. Click here to check out a few, Inflatable Pontoon Boats.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra Reviews

The Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra is a soft pink bra featuring an adjustable band for a cutom fit throughout the breast feeding peiod, the bra provides mothers greater freedom during pumping by holding the bottle firmly and securely with the bra’s secure bottle holding design. The bra is machine washable and is designed to be used with all electric pumps and both breast can be pumped at the same time.

This Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra features an adjustable band for a comfortable fit throughout your breast feeding period and with XS/S/M sizes it fits a large range of bra sizes from 30AA to 34J. The bra’s back panel is also adjustable by up to 10 inches and the front zipper panels allow for 2 inches of additional adjustment between the breasts.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra Features:

  • Adjustable in size

  • Provides a tight seal

  • 4 way layering support system

  • Designed to work with all major breast pump manufacturers

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra Reviews:

The Breast Pump Reviews team undertook a big project with the reviews for the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bustier Bra, we foundan awful lot of them.

The vast majority of reviewers, nearly 90%, gave this product their highest rating. A high number of reviewers stated that they were glad they bought this bra as the adjustable fit makes it very comfortable and it is convenient and functional, the reviewers found they could actually get on with other things without having to continually adjust, fiddle with the bra or sit still express milk.

Used with a quality electric pump the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra is an excellent product which we simply cannot fault. The number of extremely positive reviews we researched was over-whelming. We therefore feel very comfortable recommending the Simple Wishes Hands Free Breast Pump Bustier Bra for any mother looking for a great hands free breast pump solution.

LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Weed Eater Review

LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Weed Eater/Trimmer Review:

This Lehr Weed Eater – dubbed the Eco Trimmer – uses propane to power a four-stroke engine that can keep trimming a garden for up to two hours without refueling.

The Eco Trimmer runs on clean non-toxic propane which will not contaminate ground water or the soil in case of a spill and emits a reduced amount of pollutants compared to that from gasoline-powered products. Propane also does not contain any ozone-depleting hydrocarbons or evaporative emissions, and releases fewer particulates and carcinogens than traditional fuel. Additionally, it is significantly cheaper to buy propane than to fill up the tank with gasoline, propane canisters are available at many stores where lawn and garden products are available.

The manufacturer claims that using and maintaining the Eco Trimmer weed eater can be easy. Refueling is a cinch – just snap on a propane canister and the weed eater is ready to go. With propane as the fuel there is no more need to mess around with gas and oil nor is there any more need for choking or priming to start the weed eater’s motor. Also, the use of propane removes the need for gas-powered motor related chores like winterizing, clearing carburetor gum-up, and choking. The engine starts faster than with gas so the weed eater is ready to trim out unwanted plants within moments of starting it up.

The Pros
EPA Air Excellence Award Winner
2 hour run time on 1 canister
Plenty of power

The Cons
Fairly heavy
The manual leaves out important user instructions
Very finicky to deal with

The LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Trimmer is best suited for:
Mechanically minded people
Eco warriors
This is not for the average person, there is a lot of tinkering required to keep this working

LEHR ST025DC 25cc Propane Powered 4-Stroke Detachable Curved-Shaft Eco Weed Eater/Trimmer Features:
Easy to use Twist ‘n Go Fueling system
2 Hours run time on a single canister
No messy mixing of gas and oil
No winterizing
EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Winner

Here is a review by “K.Hill”

Bought this trimmer through Amazon in June 2010. I have over one acre of land with 30 trees and bushes and garden boxes, too. I have used this trimmer several times now, and I love it! I was grateful for previous reviews that cautioned about adding the oil into the engine. I also learned that the machine does not like being tipped very far from its normal upright angle, otherwise oil does leak out.

I did notice an odor of hot plastic the first few times I used it, but I think that was break-in odors combined with the smell of the propane exhaust.

If you are a commercial landscaper you may not want this since it is not quite as powerful as the 2-stroke varieties, but I am so grateful to not have to mix gas and oil anymore nor do I have to worry about emptying the gas tank after every use for fear of destroying the 2-stroke engine. My son and daughter even commented on how it is quieter than our old 2-stroke trimmers were……………………………………

Get an embroidery machine today

If you love to sew or make crafts, then an embroidery machine may be the perfect purchase for you. This type of equipment makes it very easy to embroider a wide variety of images onto a range of fabrics with ease and speed. However, choosing the right equipment for your needs is not easy. If you are thinking about purchasing the Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine, this review may be able to help you make your decision.

This particular product is actually a pretty affordable embroidery machine. This means that both entry level and experienced embroiderers can consider purchasing it. It is also able to create tons of different patterns and should be quite easy to use for most people.

Anyone who wants to create phrases or words can do so with this product. It has built-in monogramming fonts which make it easier to do this. You can create any combination of letters you require and you should have enough space to create most of your designs with ease.

If you are looking to create framing patterns, this product has tons of different types of frames to choose from. It is even possible to combine patterns to create your own unique design. There are also tons of different stitches to choose from and a back-lit LCD screen that makes it easier to choose the program you need.

This unit contains a USB port, so you can attach your computer directly to the product. This allows you to create designs on your computer, upload them to the unit, and have that design embroidered onto your fabric. This is a great way to make complex patterns.

Regardless of your skill level, the Brother SE400 should be quite easy to use and create designs with. The unit is also strong enough to work with a wide variety of fabrics that are used for clothing, home decor, and covering furniture.