How To Use A String Trimmer Properly

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The string trimmer is a garden power tool that is used for edging and trimming grass. It is available in electric corded, gas and rechargeable battery cordless versions. One of the important things that you need to remember is that it is a powerful tool and you need to use it properly to prevent any kind of injury and to ensure that it works efficiently.

Before you start using it, check the weather. If the grass is wet or it is raining, it is advisable to defer the trimming to another day. Operating the tool in wet weather is a bad idea. When you operate the trimmer in wet grass, it will not work to its full capacity and can get damaged easily.

  • Safety Gear

Before you start using the garden tool, it is important that you protect your eyes and face against any kind of flying debris and dirt. Protective clothing and shoes can give you an extra layer of protection and ensure that you don’t get hurt when you use the trimmer.

Check the ground before you start using the trimmer for bits of glass, pebbles or pieces of metal. These objects can get caught in the line and fly in multiple directions. They can also cause damage to the trimmer.

  • Adjust the Height

Line trimmers are available with shoulder harness, so that you are able to support their weight and keep them at a safe distance away from your body. Trimmers are also available with adjustable handles. Depending on the model you choose, you need to adjust the height, so that you are able to use them properly.

  • Trimming Speed

Set the speed just high enough to cut the grass or plants you plan to trim. If you choose to run it fast, the line may not last long and you will have to cope with more noise and vibration. Full throttle is not required for most trimming jobs. If you are cutting woody brush you may require full throttle.

  • Use Right Trimmer Line

The trimmer head needs to be refilled with the right type of cutting line that has been specified in the owner’s manual. If the line is too thin or thick, it will not pass properly through the ports in the trimmer head.

Experiment with different types of lines to get the best results. Round lines last longest and are easier to load in a trimmer spool. The four-sided (square) and five sided (star) lines do a better job slicing through thick and tall grass.

  • Work in Right Direction

Line trimmers spin counter clockwise and you will be able to trim properly if you sweep the trimmer head from right to left. It is advisable to check the owner’s manual to gain knowledge about the right direction. You can also choose to watch the trimmer head in slow speed to determine the direction in which you need to operate the tool.

  • Trim Grass from Top to Bottom

When cutting high grass or weeds, it is best to use short strokes, so that you are able to cut the top of the grass and then work towards the bottom. Avoid cutting the tall grass and thick weeds in just one smooth motion from the bottom.

  • Blade Attachment for Heavy Trimming

Switch the trimmer line with a metal weed blade attachment, so that you are able to cut thick grass and heavy weed in an effortless manner. Keep the blade sharp and use it at full throttle to get the best results.

After using the string trimmer, you need to clean it up and store it properly, so that it works efficiently each time you choose to use it.

How to Move a Hot Tub Yourself – Complete Instructions and Costs

Hot tubs can be moved by either experienced movers (which is the recommended approach to move those massive fun spa). However, if you prefer to cut cost or just have the workforce and available resources to successfully move your hot tub, then you can opt to move it yourself.

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Please note that moving your hot tub yourself can be dangerous as these household “Jacuzzi” weigh heftily and one wrong move might not only destroy your home but also leave you severely injured.

For typical never say die ‘DIYers,’ you can move your hot tub yourself by following these instructions.



Complete moving instructions and costs

  • Use proper moving equipment: Any activity you want to undertake yourself, there is need always to have the proper gears and equipment. For hot tub moving you should have your tow straps, dollies 9furniture dolly and appliance dolly), 4×4 kinds of wood and of course extra help.
  • Clear paths: You don’t want to be carrying a heavy hot tub on a pathway filled with obstacles. Clear the area and clean up any wet areas and widen the area.
  • Disconnect from power source: You aren’t carrying a connected hot tub, are you? So disconnect from the power source and safely tuck in all wires and cords.
  • Drain the tub and dry off: Following your hot tub’s manufacturer guideline, drain the hot tub. Please abide by the stipulated regulation of your local community for discarding large quantities of water. Once drained, dry off with towel or pieces of cloth and get ready to move.
  • Lift the tub up with place wood for easy movement: You are going to need help to do this, that’s why you need three (3) or more strong hands to assist with the movement.
  • Use dollies: Depending on the route to your moving vehicle, you might have to use either furniture dollies or appliance dollies. If the route is a flat level ground, then two furniture dollies would sufficiently aid movement to the vehicle. Just place one in front and the other at the back of the hot tub, so it’s fully supported. Use tow straps to hold steady the heavy Jacuzzi.

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If however, you have steps on the route to the moving truck, then appliance dollies should be employed. Of course using appliance dolly is more hectic and dangerous as it requires the hot tub placed on its side. An uncalculated move could see your tub flying down the flight of stairs. Have extra hands help you slide the appliance dolly under the hot tub. Now fasten the portable spa securely to the dolly and cautiously move the equipment to the towing truck.

  • Packing up: Once at the vehicle, roll the dollies up the ramp and gently place the hot tub and the dollies inside the truck and cover them with moving blankets. Use ropes to tie the tub at both ends to the side of the truck to restrict movement while hauling.
  • Unpacking: The unpacking process is just the reverse of the packing process, so just use the dollies to bring down the hot tub from the truck and wheel it to its new spot. Have it placed in the correct spot it’s meant to stay and then connect all the cables and plug in back to a power source to begin operation

The cost you would incur while moving a hot tub yourself shouldn’t be much, you would only pay for such items like dollies if you don’t have one, the extra workforce if you don’t have friends or relatives available to assist you and of course the towing truck. You most definitely would save some bucks if you move your hot tub yourself instead of hiring specialty movers.

Tips for Choosing the Best Office Chairs

Before choosing an office chair, you should plan on the budget of the chairs, do some market research on some of the best office chairs at the moment and engage in consultations with experts. You surely do not want to invest in something that isn’t of quality, durable and doesn’t meet your expectations.  The following tips will help you in choosing the best office chair.

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You should purchase chairs according to what you like and need. If you are looking for chairs to use for a conference you should go for conference chairs.


You should make a budget of the money you shall use in purchasing the chairs to avoid bulking purchasing. Budgeting will also help in avoiding few chairs which are expensive that won’t be enough for your business enterprise.


After doing market research and engaging in consultations with experts and people who have bought office chairs previously, you should be able to tell the companies that manufacture the best office chairs. Companies with a good track record of manufacturing quality and durable products are the best to buy from. You should also do some research on the best types of chairs in the market at that moment.


The cost of office chairs is not as important as its quality. When purchasing the chairs you should concentrate more its quality and durability. Cheap products are known to be of low quality compared to the expensive ones. You better purchase office chairs that are expensive and will last for long other than purchase on cheap chairs which are not durable.


This is a very important aspect of every office chair as it helps to offer support to the body and prevents lower back pain. A chair with this feature is one of the best.


Buy office chairs with colors that blend with the rest of the furniture in the rooms in which they will be placed. This makes the office look attractive and look a bit organized.


The chairs that come with casters are the best to move around the office with and they are definitely one of the best.


Office chairs with cushioning are the best as they protect and prevent straining of the lower back muscles. Especially for offices where people work while seated for long hours this is a very important feature that you should look for while buying.


Seats with adjustable height are the best as compared to those of fixed height. You can be able to stretch your legs to the ground while you sitted on such. This helps to maintain a good posture and helps to avoid straining your neck and back.

All this tips offer great help while deciding on which are the best office chairs to purchase.

Maintaining Your Lawn Care Equipment

Regular lawn care is a must if you want your property to be enhanced with an attractive, well-maintained yard. And if you like tending to your garden and lawn yourself, you will need specialized equipment such as lawn mower, lawn aerator, garden tiller, hedge trimmer, lawn dethatcher, etc. Buying these tools and equipment entails a substantial investment, and that does not seem to recommended considering that you will use the equipment just occasionally.

lawn care photoAn option is to borrow what you require from your family member or neighbor, but you may not feel comfortable doing so anytime you need to tend to your yard. The services of equipment rental companies propose the ideal solution for your problem. If you search on an online local business directory, you will find a number of companies offer lawn equipment on hire. Comparing some of them on price, quality as well as reputation and condition of equipment offered will help you zero in on the best option for you.

If you opt for renting, you save on the cost of buying new Lawn care equipment and spared the maintenance expenditure. You will not be difficult even with such things as maintenance of spark plug, changing the oil, replacement of the air filter, etc. It is the responsibility of the company that you rent the equipment to ensure that all tools and machines are in perfect working order. Renting also frees you from the headache of the storage of the equipment. The things can eat at much storage space in your home and it makes no sense to stock up what you will be taking out only one or two times a year.

With the help of rental equipment can seem to be quite a convenient thing to do, but you must keep certain things in mind so as to use the safe, efficient and hassle-free. Once you have proclaimed all the tasks you need to perform and called down the equipment, you should ask the rental company to provide the appropriate items. You must ask a demonstration of a good application or use of any equipment. Inspect all, examine for scratches, dents, etc. and bring any issue to the Contractor of notice. Make sure every item is in fine working order. Read the product manuals to learn about the items’ good handling and put on appropriate safety gear when using them.

One piece lawn care equipment which is necessary for the maintenance of a thriving and healthy lawn is a reliable mower that makes it possible to cut your lawn to your precise altitude specifications. Any home improvement retail store will likely carry a complete line of professional-style lawn mowers; compose a choice based on the size of your lawn and features that you need most. With larger lawns, a riding lawnmower can be well worth the investment, but when mowing your lawn is your form of exercise then go ahead and push away!

Another vital piece of lawn care equipment is the tool that is used to accurately aerate a lawn. Experts agree that it is often aeration of lawns – the upturning of the soil – let the lawn to breathe – giving it room to receive enough sunlight and water. Compacted soil is the consistency of cement and the roots of the grass are exactly strangled beneath it. Then, aeration is an essential process for lawn care.

Rain cannot always be relied on to provide adequate hydration. Thus, you should always include an ordinary garden hose – or sprinkler system – as part of your lawn care equipment. In drier times, make sure to give your lawn often enough and ample watering.

For easier seeding and fertilizing in the fall, a vital piece of lawn care equipment is a spreader; an easy push device that allows you to consistently distribute the appropriate nutrients to your lawn.