Buying Guide for String Trimmers

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String whackers are also known as weed whackers or weed eaters. They are one of the most useful tools that use flexible monofilament line rather than blades to cut grass, weed and other plants to beautify the garden. A weed eater trimmer normally contains a cutting head present at one corner of the long shaft having a handle(s). Even, it sometimes consists of a shoulder strap.

They are also known as whipper snippers, line trimmers, weed whips, strimmers and hedge trimmers.

At times, string whackers are also named as weed cutters or weed whips due to the fact that they work on the principle of a line, which turns faster, needs to hold out from the rotating reel (its housing) stiffly through centrifugal force. You can get as much power as you want simply by making the reel to rotate faster.

Even, the round-portioned nylon line can easily cut slight, woody plants and grass. There are some monofilament lines which are particularly designed for powerful cutters as they have extruded shapes, just like star, that help them to slash the object being cut; therefore the line will be able to cute small shrubs or large woody plants or even ring bark them efficiently. The lines thus make disks less important to perform tough jobs.

So, in order to make the most of its amazing capabilities, you will have to know a number of things regarding the best weed eater that will help you choose an ideal piece. To do so, you have many options such as research through the market, internet and even from your friends or family members you are using any of the brands.

However, I felt comfortable to go with internet as it has all what everybody needs. It has complete market research, features’ analysis and previous customers’ reviews that are important to get successful in the task.

Here I would like to share a buying guide which I made according to the following features found normally in these trimmers:

  • Brand
  • Type of trimmer
  • Type of machine


Black & Decker is a reputed name of garden and electric lawn equipments that are especially famous for their zero emission properties to keep the environment safe from carbon footprints. Their power command option enable customers to switch between tackling tough jobs to boosting mode for more power along with the normal mode that works well in standard trimming whereas optimize the battery utility.

Tanaka is another famous and reliable brand to purchase a weed trimmer from. It is provided with a two stroke 23.9 cc engine that is capable to meet emission level without losing power, encountering maintenance headaches or adding weight.

Its steel drive shaft offers efficient and smooth power transfer through the engine to make cutting easy and faster. Its anti-vibration heavy duty system reduces fatigue and allows users to move freely in the way they want. It is an ideal tool for people who want to keep their surrounding safe along with having fast and efficient work.

It is the provider of lightweight trimmers which are not just comfortable in use but also allow users to trim plants in the way they want.

Poulan grass trimmers are particularly popular for two reasons. First one is that they only weight 12.5 pounds which is really easy and comfortable for the users to handle them. Its 33 cc engine is considered as the biggest one among all weed whackers you will find on the internet. Their string whackers are also compatible with different attachments such as edgers, blowers and hedge trimmers. So, it would suit all your requirements.

Toro trimmers have been in the market for a long time and are normally preferred by most of the users just because of their ability to convert into edgers simply through a button. Its assisting handle can be easily adjusted according to the users’ requirement for edging or trimming weeds comfortably.

The manufacturer has added a variable cutting system in every piece to make their products easy to understand and operate. Their spool replacement is easy and quick, just push the tabs present on their base and remove the spool with a new one.

Trimmers manufactured by Greenworks are capable to provide auto feed line, different head titling positions and power. Their trimmers work on electricity and therefore, are not harmful for the environment.

Trimmers by Husqvarna are reliable and robust tools having high performance and low weight. Some of them contain combination of different features where the shafts can be easily dismantled and users can easily replace trimmers’ heads with hedge trimmer or blower units.

Ryobi is another durable and trustworthy brand of trimmers that is capable to provide convenience in trimming and edging plants. Their products are durable, portable and can easily suit all types of your trimming requirements. You will find them easy to understand as their system is easy and can be operated even by a beginner.

This brand provides ease in operation and offer flexibility in performance. Their trimmers are provided with sharp and hard blades that can even work well on a bit hard weeds or bushes. Some of their models are corded whereas, some are cordless so it is your choice which model to choose.

WORX trimmers are cordless gardening tools that are provided with lithium ion batteries to operate according to the needs of their users. This brand has proved to be an ideal for most of the users as they offer portability and maximize convenience.

Their features are easy to understand that even a beginner can learn to operate them. The biggest benefit is present in the form of adjustable telescopic shaft that can make itself according to the posture and height needs of the users.

Type of trimmer

1.Plug in

Electric trimmers do not use oil or gas as they run with electricity. They normally do not have power equal to those of their gas counterparts. However, they are ideal for lawns and small yards. They are durable and can compliment all of your requirements.

2.Battery powered trimmers

These types of trimmers are provided with gas engine muscles that work well in any situation. These trimmers are environmentally friendly as they do not produce any pollution in the air.

They use electricity to operate and work according to the capacity of battery inserted. Normally, these types of trimmers work for about 2 or 3 hours without requiring you to give any additional source of power. However, you always have to charged them after utilizing all the stored energy.

3.Gas trimmers

Gas weed or plant trimmers are heavier as compared to electric powered trimmers because their engines utilize gasoline and make it difficult for beginners to use them according to their requirements. They are usually suitable for edging or trimming heavy or hard bushes as their blades and engines are made for such types of jobs.

Type of machine

1.Gas-powered Trimmers

Gas powered grass and plant trimmers need a large amount of gasoline as they consist of an engine. Just because of this fact they become expensive for most of the users as their budget does not allow them to purchase fuel so frequently. Also when they are damaged, you will have to spend a comparatively bigger amount than those on electric powered ones. They are normally heavy and therefore, particularly suitable for heavy work.

best weed eater


These types of tools are not portable and do not allow users to move in the way they want. If you have a small garden, then they will be your best companion however, if your garden consists of a big area then you need to find something else.

GreenWorks 21272


Cordless trimmers are normally easy to use as they do not restrict your area to be trimmed nor produce difficulties in the way to edge or trim bushes. They are also light in weight and therefore, enable users to work in their big gardens that frequently require trimming.

Reasons for Buying a Trimmer

  • Easy to use: You will always find weed whips as the best suit for your edging or trimming needs as they are provided with all what you want. Their blades are so sharp and strong that you can easily work on hard or stiff weeds without having any sort of problem.
  • Reduce trimming hassle: With the help of a string trimmer, you can easily perform the tasks of edging or trimming. They work with the best possible speed in order to complete the job within a very short time period.
  • Prices: There are a number of brands in the market that produce affordable and efficiently trimmers just to facilitate all types of customers. Their prices generally range from $40 to $100 for electric trimmers whereas, gas powered wackers are priced between $80 and $200.

Where can you buy a weed or grass trimmer?

There are a number of sources from where you can easily purchase a weed wacker that can better compliment your requirements. You can go for any reputed, reliable garden or home appliances store to see different types of trimmers. However, departmental chain stores are another ideal place to find a piece of your choice.

If you are not a regular user of trimmers or want one just for a few hours, then you can even rent it from any garden or tractor supply store.

Always remember to bargain on the price because every shop keeper used to quote a price that is higher than the product’s actual price.


After reading this buying guide, I am sure that you have now all the information which is required to find a better piece. Since this article is a precise guide for every buyer, you can choose an ideal model that cannot only help you to edge or trim weeds, but also keep your surrounding protected and safe.

Maintaining Your Lawn Care Equipment

Regular lawn care is a must if you want your property to be enhanced with an attractive, well-maintained yard. And if you like tending to your garden and lawn yourself, you will need specialized equipment such as lawn mower, lawn aerator, garden tiller, hedge trimmer, lawn dethatcher, etc. Buying these tools and equipment entails a substantial investment, and that does not seem to recommended considering that you will use the equipment just occasionally.

An option is to borrow what you require from your family member or neighbor, but you may not feel comfortable doing so anytime you need to tend to your yard. The services of equipment rental companies propose the ideal solution for your problem. If you search on an online local business directory, you will find a number of companies offer lawn equipment on hire. Comparing some of them on price, quality as well as reputation and condition of equipment offered will help you zero in on the best option for you.

If you opt for renting, you save on the cost of buying new Lawn care equipment and spared the maintenance expenditure. You will not be difficult even with such things as maintenance of spark plug, changing the oil, replacement of the air filter, etc. It is the responsibility of the company that you rent the equipment to ensure that all tools and machines are in perfect working order. Renting also frees you from the headache of the storage of the equipment. The things can eat at much storage space in your home and it makes no sense to stock up what you will be taking out only one or two times a year.

With the help of rental equipment can seem to be quite a convenient thing to do, but you must keep certain things in mind so as to use the safe, efficient and hassle-free. Once you have proclaimed all the tasks you need to perform and called down the equipment, you should ask the rental company to provide the appropriate items. You must ask a demonstration of a good application or use of any equipment. Inspect all, examine for scratches, dents, etc. and bring any issue to the Contractor of notice. Make sure every item is in fine working order. Read the product manuals to learn about the items’ good handling and put on appropriate safety gear when using them.

One piece lawn care equipment which is necessary for the maintenance of a thriving and healthy lawn is a reliable mower that makes it possible to cut your lawn to your precise altitude specifications. Any home improvement retail store will likely carry a complete line of professional-style lawn mowers; compose a choice based on the size of your lawn and features that you need most. With larger lawns, a riding lawnmower can be well worth the investment, but when mowing your lawn is your form of exercise then go ahead and push away!

Another vital piece of lawn care equipment is the tool that is used to accurately aerate a lawn. Experts agree that it is often aeration of lawns – the upturning of the soil – let the lawn to breathe – giving it room to receive enough sunlight and water. Compacted soil is the consistency of cement and the roots of the grass are exactly strangled beneath it. Then, aeration is an essential process for lawn care.

Rain cannot always be relied on to provide adequate hydration. Thus, you should always include an ordinary garden hose – or sprinkler system – as part of your lawn care equipment. In drier times, make sure to give your lawn often enough and ample watering.

For easier seeding and fertilizing in the fall, a vital piece of lawn care equipment is a spreader; an easy push device that allows you to consistently distribute the appropriate nutrients to your lawn.

How To Use A String Trimmer Properly

The string trimmer is a garden power tool that is used for edging and trimming grass. It is available in electric corded, gas and rechargeable battery cordless versions. One of the important things that you need to remember is that it is a powerful tool and you need to use it properly to prevent any kind of injury and to ensure that it works efficiently.

Before you start using it, check the weather. If the grass is wet or it is raining, it is advisable to defer the trimming to another day. Operating the tool in wet weather is a bad idea. When you operate the trimmer in wet grass, it will not work to its full capacity and can get damaged easily.

  • Safety Gear

Before you start using the garden tool, it is important that you protect your eyes and face against any kind of flying debris and dirt. Protective clothing and shoes can give you an extra layer of protection and ensure that you don’t get hurt when you use the trimmer.

Check the ground before you start using the trimmer for bits of glass, pebbles or pieces of metal. These objects can get caught in the line and fly in multiple directions. They can also cause damage to the trimmer.

  • Adjust the Height

Line trimmers are available with shoulder harness, so that you are able to support their weight and keep them at a safe distance away from your body. Trimmers are also available with adjustable handles. Depending on the model you choose, you need to adjust the height, so that you are able to use them properly.

  • Trimming Speed

Set the speed just high enough to cut the grass or plants you plan to trim. If you choose to run it fast, the line may not last long and you will have to cope with more noise and vibration. Full throttle is not required for most trimming jobs. If you are cutting woody brush you may require full throttle.

  • Use Right Trimmer Line

The trimmer head needs to be refilled with the right type of cutting line that has been specified in the owner’s manual. If the line is too thin or thick, it will not pass properly through the ports in the trimmer head.

Experiment with different types of lines to get the best results. Round lines last longest and are easier to load in a trimmer spool. The four-sided (square) and five sided (star) lines do a better job slicing through thick and tall grass.

  • Work in Right Direction

Line trimmers spin counter clockwise and you will be able to trim properly if you sweep the trimmer head from right to left. It is advisable to check the owner’s manual to gain knowledge about the right direction. You can also choose to watch the trimmer head in slow speed to determine the direction in which you need to operate the tool.

  • Trim Grass from Top to Bottom

When cutting high grass or weeds, it is best to use short strokes, so that you are able to cut the top of the grass and then work towards the bottom. Avoid cutting the tall grass and thick weeds in just one smooth motion from the bottom.

  • Blade Attachment for Heavy Trimming

Switch the trimmer line with a metal weed blade attachment, so that you are able to cut thick grass and heavy weed in an effortless manner. Keep the blade sharp and use it at full throttle to get the best results.

After using the string trimmer, you need to clean it up and store it properly, so that it works efficiently each time you choose to use it.

Which Lawn Mower Type is Right for You?

Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are a step up from reel-type push mowers. They are easier to use and friendlier to the environment than gas-powered models. They are available in both reel and rotary types. Electric mowers come with battery power, cord power, or a combination.

They are quiet and work well on lawns up to 3000 sq. ft. Prices range from $125 to $600. For more information on electric mowers, check this page.

Rotary Non-Self-Propelled Mowers

All rotary mowers have engines because the blade is bolted to the engine shaft, but not all rotary mowers are self-propelled. Rotary push mowers are fine for smooth lawns that are flat and not too large. They are the most common type of mower.

They can be purchased with side or rear discharge; as mulching mowers; or as convertibles that can quickly be adapted to side discharge, rear discharge, or mulching mowers.

Five and a half horsepower engines or bigger are common on these lawnmowers. They are available with either push button starters or pull starters. Purchase the features you are likely to need and the biggest engine you can afford. Bigger engines have the power to cut through denser material.

Prices range from $100 to $700.


Self-Propelled Rotary Power Mowers

Self-propelled rotary mowers offer all the bells and whistles of push rotary mowers, plus power to pull themselves up slopes. Some models also come with large rear wheels that make uneven lawns much easier to mow.

Some of these models even use a transmission. It is especially important to purchase one with a powerful enough engine. The engine has to provide enough power to cut the grass and to propel the mower up inclines.

You should also check the speed settings. If the mower moves too fast, you may soon hate it.

Prices range from $200 to $700.

Self Propelled Reel Mowers

This type of mower is typically only used for golf greens and is prohibitively expensive
They are not designed for home use.

Riding Mowers

Riding lawn mowers come in many varieties. They vary from a tractor that tows a reel mower for golf courses and park use to small riding mowers with a zero turning radius.

A riding mower may be the best choice if you have a large lawn and a place to store the mower. Some models can pull a mini trailer. There are even models that have an aerator attachment. The only way to get a sense of these mowers is to look at them and try them out. You will probably need to go to a professional gardening shop to get a feel for the range of possibilities.

Prices range from $1100 to $6500 so look carefully before making a decision.

How to Set Up a Weed Eater

Image result for Set Up a Weed Eater

There are different models of weed eaters on the market, and they all have similar components for operation. The names may be different but they are talking about the same type of machine. A weed eater is used for gardening, whether cutting the grass, trimming or pruning hedges or even pruning some trees of unwanted limbs.

This kind of weed eater has attachments that will accommodate such activities. The choices were wide and varied is depending on what your needs are, so to greater understand what you may want to buy you may want to do some research.

This cozy den is the ideal place to do your research. They have information on most, if not all models, and brands of weed eaters. One thing that is very important to know about weed eaters is the assembly. They do not come packaged and ready to use, you have to put the parts together to make it workable. Here is a simple yet detailed instructional on how to set up your new weed eater.

First Step

Open package and ensure all parts are inside. You will have to look at the manual to verify. Set all components in order of how they are to be assembled on a flat surface, free of any other tools or debris. You do not want to have a too cluttered workspace, as the weed eater requires space for assembling.

Second Step

The instruction manual will tell you what tools are required in the assembly process so here goes; tools required:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A screwdriver
  • A spanner (optional, depending on the model weed eater)

Place these at a reachable place on the work table.

Third Step

The manual indicates you locate the shaft. This is a long arm attached to the motor and at an angle of 45 degrees. Insert the shaft into the head of the motor slot which is indicated on the manual, and using the screwdriver secure the screws.

Step Four

Attaching the handle is the next step which may require using the screwdriver. Depending on the model, you may not need to use the screwdriver, as it already has built-in screws. Taking the handle, slide it into the receiving end of the attachment, and ensure the buttons slide into place. Lock them in, by tightening the screw mechanism already affixed to the shaft.

Step Five

Based on the manual’s instructions, check the engine to ensure it is working. If it is an electric motor you will have to plug it in. If it is a battery powered engine you may just flip the required switch. If it is operational, your last step is wind on the string. Before winding the string, though, please remember to unplug or switch off the motor on the engine.

Step Six

Depending on the model weed eater, you will require a specific string. They basically use the same lengths but different dimension, width string measurements, so the manual will indicate. Using the scissors, measure and cut the named length string, and following the manual’s instructions, wind the string in place.

You are now fully operational, you have to also utilize the manual for use. It is very important you follow the instructions for use carefully, as accidents can happen. Continuous use will help you to become professional, and you will be proud of what you are able to do with your weed eater in maintaining the garden you have.

How to Restring a Ryobi Weed Eater The DIY Way

Why outsource tasks when you can do it yourself, especially, when it is simpler than it may look. Restringing your Ryobi Weed Eater, whether your string got tangled, damaged or old is a good DIY project. So, as we dive into our task the tools required are:

Tools Needed for Restringing a Ryobi Weed Eater

  • Scissors
  • Monofilament String
  • Measuring Tape

Before starting it is important to know which model of the Ryobi Weed Eater is being restrung. While the general process is similar, in the different models and types (whether cordless, electric or gasoline), there are slight differences in regards to restringing. The cordless and electric weed eaters are specifically for home use, while the gasoline Ryobi, which is a great weed eater, is for heavy duty use.

Stringing the Gasoline Ryobi Weed Eater

Before stringing the Ryobi, gasoline weed eater power systems must be disabled. The spark plug wires must be removed so as not to cause unwanted issues while restringing the machine.

  • The spool to be strung must be removed and to do this you need to rotate the spool retainer whether clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending on the model you have
  • After removing spool clean any old string pieces and dirt out. Measure and cut the required lengths string for use. This is generally about 9 feet (of two pieces) as you are stringing a gasoline weed eater
  • Locate the locking hole and place one end of a piece of string through this hole. Wind the string neatly around one half of the hub leaving about six inches of string unwound. Repeat this action with the other string, this will mean you have completely strung the spool hub.
  • Locate the string head and send both ends of the string through, then lock the spool onto the shaft. For models with spool retainers, replace by screwing it in the opposite direction you did to remove.
  • Sharply pull on the dangling strings to release them from the locking position on the spool. If string flows freely, you are ready to use your weed eater

Stringing the Cordless and Electric Ryobi Weed Eaters

The cordless and electric Ryobi weed eaters are similar. For the series manufactured by Ryobi they have different models which require different size string:

  • Ryobi 105R uses 0.060” size string
  • Ryobi 132R and 137R uses 0.080” size string

Determine the model weed eater you are working on as you need to have the correct size string for replacing. Using the wrong size string will cause the machine to jam.

  1. Before stringing the spool place the Ryobi weed eater on a solid surface for working. This may either be on the floor or a work table.
  2. Disengage the power supply whether the cord from the electric outlet or remove the cap from the battery operated cordless model
  3. Clean any debris from spool chamber as well as unused pieces of string
  4. Position both arrows of the outer and inner spool parallel to each other. This is done by turning the inner reel to line up with the arrows of the outer spool
  5. Using your scissors, cut the required length string for the model weed eater you are working on
  6. At the side of the trimmer head insert one end of string in the eyelet and push the string loading it to the line hole at the trimmer head center
  7. At the end of the line extend it through the locking hole and lock it in place, afterward gently tug on the string to get some taunt in the string
  8. Repeat instructions 1-7 for the other string
  9. Locate the inner reel, turn it clockwise to load the string onto the spool until you have about 5-6 inches of string hanging
  10. After you have loaded both strings to the spool gently pull on them to ensure strings run freely through the channel. If this happens you have successfully loaded your Ryobi weed eater.

Based on the above Step by Step instructions for restringing the Ryobi Weed Eater, I am sure you will be able to master any DIY job. Your machine is ready for use and your lawn will be a beauty when it is done.